On this articles you will get to know BENEFITS,FEATURES,ADVANTAGES AND Disadvantages of Rental House Management Systems.Different types of softwares have been developed specifically for house related tasks.These systems are known as Rental House Management Systems.They enable the user i.e tenant,landlord/landlady and property agent to run the activities within the property such as:
  • The agent/landlord collects reports about payment transactions such as the monthly rent,prepares income statements and expense statements.
  • Tenants are also able to make payments transactions on time with the assistance of information provided in the portal.
  • Property owners are able to track down information about their tenants with much ease.
  • The system also helps the owner manage the property as they are able to manage the daily operations of the building.
Some of the softwares used in kenya for rental house management systems include Buildium software,Hemlane software,SimplifyEm software,Rent manager software,Pay prop software,Property Vista software among others.

Features of Rental House Management Systems.

  1. Management of vacancies available.The vacancy posts appear automatically thus reducing the time that could be spent in looking for new tenants to occupy the vacant rooms.The system also allows notifications popping up to inform the owner that a particular unit is empty.
  2. The system keeps a detailed record of the tenant for instance whether a tenant has paid their rent on time and the method of payment they used,requests for services such as electrical circuits repair and hvac.It also helps shorten the process of leasing a house that requires a lot of paperwork and uploading the necessary credentials.
  3. Tenants are enabled to pay for rent and other services online thus reduces the hustle of making queues in banks for deposits and withdrawals.
  4. Maintenance problems such as leakages in pipes and faulty sockets are quickly and easily taken care of by the management.
  5. The property agent is responsible for managing the owners financial reports such as monthly and annual budgets,income and expense statements,balance sheets etc.
Therefore these functionalities results to various merits that are saving time and cost of resources,better management as tenants present their woes to the management,the owner is alerted about his spending,taxes and insurance covers,helps in solving conflicts that may arise in the property as lease documents are recorded in the portal and finally it helps keep records of all the transactions that have been made thus providing a safe reference. Disadvantages/Drawbacks of Rental House Management Systems.
  • They can be quite costly especially for small property owners.
  • Training a tenant/agent to use the system can consume a lot of time
  • If the owner/admin does not select a software that suits the renting out of the property,it can be very time consuming.Disadvantages of Rental House Management Systems.
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