Advantages and Disadvantages of Web services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Web services.

On this article you will get to know Advantages and Disadvantages of Web services.

1. SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol).

It is a messaging protocol that is used by web services to exchange information by the means of computer networks.

Characteristics of SOAP.

a. It is known to accept other programming languages.
b. It can operate on all other web service protocols for instance TCP,UDP,SMTP.
c. The security of SOAP is continuously being extended.

Advantages of SOAP.

⦁ SOAP Web services have their own security that is known as the WS security.
⦁ SOAP language is independent and can be written on a wide range of platforms.
Disadvantages of SOAP.
⦁ SOAP is known to be slow and consumes a lot of time.This is because it uses the XML format which has to be constantly gone through.
⦁ It is limited to Web Service Description Language to operate.

2. REST API(Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface).

The Representational State Transfer is an architectural style combined in web services which helps someone in getting feeback about the content they were searching for.The developer simply give commands to the server through the Application Programming Interface and the results appear in different styles.For instance,the user/developer could command the server to PUT,POST,GET or DELETE a file

Advantages of REST API.

⦁ REST makes work easier for the developer as it allows him to give commands and wait for the work to be executed with so much ease.
⦁ REST API makes it easy to move upwards in a website as compared to SOAP.
Disadvantages of REST API.
⦁ It is hard to use as compared to other web services.
⦁ It is suitable for public use therefore does not require web security like that of SOAP.
⦁ The client may sometimes not be aware of the state of the web service which makes it difficult for him to manage.

3. UDDI(Universal Description Discovery and Integration).

It is mainly used by organisations to publish information about the services they offer.They are mostly intergrated with mobile aps to provide the essential products and services to the customers.

Advantages of UDDI.

⦁ It provides a more visual image of what the company sells.This helps the business to avoid repeating the addresses.
⦁ It allows the users to find out about the location of the services.
⦁ It makes it easy to distinguish between the original service versions and their components.
⦁ Services are easy to use when the UDDI is incorporated into the system.

Disadvantages of UDDI.

⦁ There is no organisation in particular that has been reported to control the development of UDDI.
⦁ UDDI highly depends on internet to retrieve past information.
⦁ The specifications are bound to undergo changes in the near future.

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