Advantages and Disadvantages of software systems

      Types of Softwares,Their advantages and disadvantages.

1.Application/presentation Software.

   On this article we will learn Advantages and disadvantages of software systems. It is a programme software that is used to perform a specific set of work for the end user.Some of the examples of such kind of softwares are web browsers,database software,spreadsheet,Microsoft word,Graphics software etc.


  • These softwares make work easier for employees thus help improve their productivity.
  • The services provided by these software applications ensure that the client archives maximum satisfaction.
  • Customer details are very well protected against theft cases.


  •  They are very costly while developing them initially.
  • When software programmes are designed to perform a specific job,they are limited to perform other tasks that are not related to them.

    2.System software.    This software is used to conduct operations that take place in the hardware and the application.The main examples of system softwares are Operating system,Device drivers,firmware,programming language translators.


  • Eases the work of the employees thus increasing their productivity.
  • Enables the service provider to gain access to clients records quickly thus enhancing customer service.
  • The system provides a much better presentation of reports.
  • The presentation of data enables better and faster decision making.


  • The process of creating the software consumes a lot of time as well as updating the systems.
  • These systems softwares may sometimes not cater for all the requirements of the user.
  • It is also very costly when it comes to obtaining licences.
  • The developers must be well equipped with knowledge on low level languages.

3 .Computer programming software.

   This software is used to design and create other softwares.Some of the examples include compilers,assemblers,Integrated development environments(IDEs).In other terms,these are the softwares used in coding other programmes.    

4.Driver software.

This is a software that acts as an intermediary between the programme and the hardware device.Examples of these softwares include modems,printers,graphic and network cards.


  • The software has an automatic driver search program that enables the user to know which device is most suitable for their hardware.
  • These softwares are very fast at performing tasks thus saving time for the user.
  • The automatic drive search also informs the user on which drives are not available.


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