Advantages and disadvantages of Software development.

Introduction to benefits of Software development.

On this article we will learn the Advantages and disadvantages of Software development. A Lot of people collaborate with app developers to build softwares for many reasons. Some of these reasons are:
  • To market their business and increase the number of customers. Advertising through social media platforms enables one to reach a large group of people who might be in need of the services one offers.
  • To communicate directly with the clients. Communicating directly to clients enables one to make adjustments easily to the problems the clients experience.
  • Communication between the customer and the business owner is improved. Clients feel well attended to when they get feedback about the request they make.
  • To increase their level of income. Advertising products using these platforms leads to increase in the demand for products which consequently increases the revenue base of the business.

Advantages of developing softwares.

There are different types of softwares used globally such as Open source software,Embedded software,System software,Application software,programming software etc. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages but in this article,we shall focus on the general advantages and disadvantages.
  1. Software applications express the uniqueness of a person.The objective of many software developers is to create a software that has features that distinguish it from other software programmes.
  2. They result in a business owner incurring minimal costs eg For advertising their products on other platforms that require a lot of money such as magazines ,tvs.He may also not need a team of experts such as marketing directors to help him market his products.He therefore does not require to pay up experts to do the job.
  3. One is able to reach a wider range of people by advertising using these softwares.The softwares systems are also easily accessible to the users which makes communication better for both parties.
  4. Accounting software programmes make transactions for customers to be easy. Employers also use these softwares in preparing payrolls for the employees and tracking the progress of their business.
  5. Softwares assists employees in doing their work faster. This advantage helps curb delay problems that often chase away customers.

Drawbacks associated with developing softwares.

  1. Some servers are very slow which consequently slows down the performance of the softwares.
  2. They also require a strong internet connection to perform effectively.
  3. Softwares are known to store information on the cloud.For instance,in the cases of accounting softwares,if not well protected,hackers could easily tamper with clients details. Advantages and disadvantages of Software development.
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