Advantages and Disadvantages of machine learning.

Advantages and Disadvantages of machine learning.

Advantages of Machine Learning.

  1. Continous innovations and improvements.

Artificial Intilligence systems use algorithms that depend on the data input.The more the amount of data input,the better the machine learning accuracy.

  1. Diverse Automation.

Machine learning automatically does the work without the presence of a human beings at a much faster rate and with minimal error.

     iii.     Identification of trends and patterns in models.

Machine learning technology use different algorithms such as unsupervised,reinforced learning algorithms.They use different data to predict the patterns.Some data are labelled while others are unlabelled.

  1. Variety of applications.

Machine learning are used in various sectors both locally and internationally.They are intergrated with a variety of applications such as gps trackers,text predictions etc.

Disadvantages of Machine learning.

  1. Full technological transformations.
    As much as these Artificial Intelligence are far much smarter than human brains,fully transforming machines to be based on AI may pose some negative impacts.For instance,lets take self driven cars which use AIs to operate fully.In case of cyber attacks and the attacker takes full control of the car,the user will not be able to control it and it may lead to a fatal accdent.Or rather,in a construction site,the machine could cause injury to people around the area.
  2. Artificial Intelligence negative impact on careers and jobs.
    AIs are said to be more accurate and less likely to make errors as compared to human beings.Most sectors will start adapting the use of such systems which will make human labour less relevant.This means that a lot of people will loose their jobs and students will be discouraged from pursuing some coarses because of their irrrelevance.
  • Cyber security.
    Human beings tend to believe that Artificial Intelligence is the perfect solution of privacy for their data.Well,most AIs are built to archieve an accuracy close to perfection,with very minimal error.However,human beings are quite mischevious and people will try to hack into these systems for personal gain,financial gain or even to proove their level of intelligence.Remember,these AIs have been built by human beings.Therefore,they may become prone to cyber attacks and breaches if not well configured.
  1. Discrimination in some machine learning.
    The most common area in machine learning where discrimination mostly occurs is the facial recognition area.It is reported that more often face recognition mistake black and asians more than they do to whites.Women also get falsely recognised as compared to men.
  2. Lack of accountability.

               There is no legislation system that controls the ethics in Artificial Intelligence.The ethics guidlines are only used in guiding the research.Therefore,if any fault occurs with the system,no specific person can be held accountable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of machine learning.



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