10 inquiries to ask when you’re getting your chimney cleaned

10 questions to ask when you’re getting your chimney cleaned

1.        What will you do to clean the chimney?

Your chimney professional should be ready to offer you a step by step description of how he or she plans to wash your chimney and what is going to be done to guard your household during the cleaning process.

2.         is there just soot within the chimney or is there creosote, too?

Creosote may be a highly flammable substance and its presence in your chimney can ignite causing a chimney fire. The presence of creosote within the chimney may indicate poor burning practices or a burning appliance that’s not working well. In either case you ought to know of its presence, how the chimney professional will remove it, and what are often done to stop or limit the presence of creosote within the chimney going forward. Soot on the opposite hand may be a safe substance as long because it is removed before its accumulation interferes with draft. It is, in most cases, easily brushed away.

3.         Are you able to inspect/clean other flues in my house besides the fireplace?

Sometimes chimney professionals will give price breaks when quite one chimney or flue are going to be inspected/cleaned. If you’re having a chimney professional come to wash your fireplace flue, it’s probably an honest idea to possess him or her take a glance at your furnace/water heater flues also.

4.         How long will it take?

Every flue is different, but on the average a radical cleaning should take about 45 minutes to an hour. this point can increase substantially if there’s creosote present in your flue, if the flue is broken in any way, or if there are blockages like birds’ nests. If your chimney cleaning requires longer it’s good to ask and understand why.

5.         Does one inspect the chimney, too?

We recommend you’ve got your flue inspected with each cleaning. a radical inspection can provide you with a warning to possible unsafe conditions in your chimney. But don’t take it without any consideration that this may be done unless you specify you would like it done.

6.         How often should I even have my chimney cleaned?

Your chimney professional can make an inexpensive estimation for time between cleanings supported your individual burning practices.

7.         What does one charge?

Be sure to know what you’re getting for your money, i.e. inspection and cleaning, or simply a cleaning.

8.         What certifications does one have?

Someone are often a talented chimney professional even without certifications, but it’s going to be comforting for you to understand if your chimney professional is certified by CSk

9.         How long have you ever been in business?

this is often an honest thanks to establish what level of experience your chimney professional has.

10.       Will you’ve got to travel on the roof?

Some chimney pros clean from the highest down, some clean from rock bottom up. There’s nobody preferred method. In either case it’s good to understand what their procedure are going to be, especially if you’re concerned about ladders damaging flower beds or other landscaping.

that all we had the 10 questions to ask when you’re getting your chimney cleaned

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