Best washing machine repair services in Nairobi Kenya

Best washing machine repair services in Nairobi Kenya

Are you looking for the best washing machine repair services  in Nairobi, Kenya? Look no further as at nextgen we offer the best washing machine repair services in Nairobi,Kenya. Contact us today on 0718 610 593 or email us on

We understand that getting an expert to repair you washing machine is hard and time consuming. That’s why at Nextgen Solutions we came up with the idea of providing professional expert services for washing machine repair. So that you as our customer can hire the best expert professional anywhere and anytime according to their schedule.

We understand that Essential home appliances like washing machines. Allows a smooth functioning of our daily work making them faster and suitable. With an appliance like washing machine breaking down, it can bring inconvenience to you schedule. We understand that getting an expert to repair you washing machine hard and time consuming.

Why Nextgen Washing Machine  Repair Service?

  1. Verified Professionals: All the Nextgen Technician are certified professionals who are taken through screening for verification. We also give them training to ensure that only good quality of work is offered to our customers
  2. Customer Protection We feel responsible of your appliances and therefore we provide customer protection
  3. Flexibility be it a Samsung washing machine or any other brand, a top load or a front load. We provide repair services for all brand and categories.
  4. Service Guarantee: We take full ownership of our service and therefore by providing you with 90 days service guarantee.

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Services Offered in Washing Machine Repair

  1. Installing: If you need to install a new washing machine we are just a phone call away.
  2. Uninstalling: Whenever you need to uninstall your washing machine you can count on our services.
  3. Washer spinning abnormally: Is your washer spinning abnormally contact us for professional inspection from our expert professionals.
  4. Machine Making Sound: if your washing machine is making a ratting sound it need a professional inspection.
  5. Other: If you Washing Machine have any other issue than one Listed you can call us on 0706731791 or email us on

5 Common Washing Machine Problems

  1. Washer won’t drain: This is one of the most common problems with most Washing machine. The cause could be the Drain pump is clogged or broken. Also the washer can be damaged and not working well.
  2. Washer door is jammed: This issue is mostly occurs on front loaders. Since the top loaders do not need to lock their doors to keep water inside. Its worst when front loader malfunction and fails to open trapping the clothes inside.
  3. Foul smell: If you fail to services you washing machine it get dirty over time. This makes you clothes to smell when you put them there. Contact us for professional cleaning of your washing machine.
  4. Washing Machine won’t spin: When your washing machine fails to spin at all. This is due to a damages drive belt. Also if your machine is fully automatic and it does not spin it may be overloaded or something blocking the washer to drain.
  5. The Washing Machine is Noisy: This can be cause by Small Items like button getting stuck in the wash and can causing rattling noise inside. Try to empty all objects out of the washer and filter and run it again.

5 Tips to maintain your washing Machine after Service

  1. Keep your washing machine at level: Ensure that your washing machine is at level. This is to avoid it moving on the floor during washing damaging the tiles. Also the body of the machine.
  2. Clean the lint filter regularly: It is very crucial to clean the lint filter with clean water often. This helps the filter to keep collecting link form new clothes. Also to keep on working well.
  3. Never overload the machine: For your clothes to get cleaned properly ensure that there is enough space to tumble.
  4. Clean the machine: It good to understand that your washing machine does not auto clean itself. So it good to get it cleaned well to increase the efficiency of the washing machine and cleanliness of your clothes
  5. Wipe the detergent and softener compartments frequently: You need to scrape off the residue by using a small brush. Also put some water in the compartment to clean it well.

Washing Machine Services Provider Near you.

You could be wondering “Can I get washing machine repair near me”? Yes you can as we offer our services across the country.  Call us today on 0718 610 593 or email us on