Wi-Fi’s Wireless networks

Wi-Fi’s Wireless networks

Wi-Fi networks are categorized into four different divisions each functioning differently. What are the different types of wireless Wi-Fi networks and how do they function?

1. Wireless MAN

WMAN is also known as wireless metropolitan area network has had a worldwide installation in conducting normal chores both at home and in offices. The connectivity covers IEEE 802.16 WiMax. Metropolitan covers large parts like regions and this connection extends widely. The locations of Access points (Aps) are on building sides or cellphone poles throughout the said region. Users’ connection is bound to the closest AP which then pieces the connection internet-wise.

2. Wireless LAN

Wireless local area network (WLAN), limitations are within a local area be it in or outside a building. Movie shops, restaurants, clothes and shoe stores and much small organizational businesses prefer this Wi-Fi for its convenience is in their favor. The connectivity protocols are 802.11 standards. These networks are simply home-designed with a modem connected to fiber or cable from the local network provider.  Office service complication emerges from the mounting of Access points on rooftops with each area having a broadcasted wireless signal.

3. Wireless PAN

Wireless PAN is a wireless personal area network. This network coverage is limited based to nearly 100 meters at most. Zigbee and are protocols used to enable quick and easier access to the network via phone. Just like a remote to TV connection, PAN uses infrared light tech that has a line of sight limitations. Data connection is high due to internet concentration. This internet connection has pros in privacy of the user and low risks of cyber and software hacks: well

apart from being cell-cloned.

4. Wireless WAN

What if you had a wireless wide area network?  Due to its cellular tech, wireless WAN surpasses all the other wireless networks. Just as its name suggests, it is bound to cover a wide range and is suitable for government organizations and other religions plus countesses.  The users’ gratification is achieved through this network for even phone calls can be accessed.  In developed countries like the USA, the network connection can be routed to towers all around the continent.


With the current development rate, who is to say that we will not all be installing Wi-Fi to lessen the strain of internet connection. In a household filled with youth full beings, having the main internet connection is most preferred than purchasing internet bundles.

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