When were POS systems introduced in Kenya?

When were POS systems introduced in Kenya?


On this article we will see When were POS systems introduced in Kenya.

A Point of sales system is a system that enables customers to pay for their goods and services either physically or virtually.The software system is inbuilt in the hardware system where they work hand in hand in making payments and recording transactions.Some of the hardware devices may include a cash register,barcode scanners,weighing scales among others whereas the software system comprises of toast ,square,poster,nobly ,quick books pos,lightspeed pos and touch bistro.

When were POS systems introduced in Kenya?

The first pos system was created in the year 1974 by William Brobeck and his associates.It was a cash register that was controlled by microprocessors.The systems were strategically placed at different stations at the restaurant where they displayed the menus alongside with their prices.The orders would then be taken and a button would be pressed for the transaction to process,the machine would then calculate the bill[tax inclusive] and the server would request the customer to make payment.

Although they were limited to function and the ability to communicate,the owner of the restaurant was assured of accuracy and it made work much easier for the servers.The work was also efficient as up to eight devices had to be connected to a computer and controlled from a single device thus reduced the errors that could be made by doing calculations manually.
It then evolved when the first graphical point of scale software was introduced by Gene Mosher in the year 1986.The software included a coloured touchscreen interface that allowed widget configurations that represented the various items in the menu without low level programming.It was first demonstrated in public at a place called fall comdex in las vegas.It was later on introduced in various restaurants in other countries such as canada.

The Introduction of POS systems in kenya.

Businesses that use the pos system are known to perform more efficiently than those without.
Pos systems in kenya are commonly used by retailer stores,restaurants,pharmaceutical stores,banks and gas stations.the software systems provides a base to perform calculations at a fast rate and attend to many customers at the same time.The systems are user friendly and only require a short term training to be able to operate it.
The most commonly used pos systems in kenya include;
a.]Vend pos system.it is most commonly used in retail stores as it offers more ease in management of sales,keeping data about customers and an efficient inventory.it is easy to adapt compared to other pos systems and has a great structure of representing its work
b.]Quick books pos system.it is most suitable for small businesses.Just like its name suggests,the system is very quick and can be able to perform different tasks at the same time.it is also very easy to be used by first time users.
c.]Square pos system is mostly available in mobile phones both in ios and android phones.it is able to perform a number of tasks such as processing payments,processing receipts,creating reports on sales and keep inventory.it is commonly used in restaurants as it enables them to manage online orders.it is also common as it is compatible with all methods of payment such as credit cards and business tap cards e.g m-pesa tap card.users are also able to access refunds and discounts through the square pos app.
d.]lightspeed pos systems.This system is mainly preferred by business owners who attend to a lot of people in aday.It is able to do a lot of calculations at a time and produce results.

What are some of the disadvantages of point of sale systems?

1.Requires internet connection to operate with ease.Most of the pos systems depend on a reliable internet connection for instance the wireless fidelity[wi-fi] so as to perform its tasks efficiently.
2.The systems require to be upgraded regularly.With the emergence of newer versions,the old systems have to be updated to which may sometimes require renewing of licences that might be costly.
3.Security risks.Customers might fear giving out their credit/debit card details due to the risk of having their details exposed to fraudsters or being hacked.
4.Problems associated with hardware pos systems might occur such as failure to charge, damages that might require repairs and high costs of maintaining them.


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