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Things you need to know when picking a wedding officiant in kenya

First before you’ll determine who will officiate your ceremony, you must decide what type of marriage ceremony you want. Religious or civil. Whereas a spiritual ceremony is performed by an ordained religious priest or pastor,

A civil ceremony is performed by a licensed officiant from the Attorney General’s office or district office. The officiant’s fee is that the fee paid to whoever performs your wedding. Some churches will invite this fee directly and a few might not ask. It’s however customary to offer him/her a present of appreciation.

Also note that if your officiant is asked to travel, you’ll need to pay the travel expenses. This amount should depend upon your relationship with the officiant and therefore the amount of your time s/he has spent with you before the ceremony. Some officiants might not accept a fee, counting on your relationship with him/her. If a fee is refused, send a donation to the officiant’s church.

Types of marriages in Kenya

The following documents are required to get Kenya marriage certificate


1.  Copies of identification cards and colored passport size photos (for both parties) and Ksh 600.

NB* this may be for the notice which can run 21days

2.   21-day notice, if the ceremony is to be  held in the:

Registrar’s Office-You are going to be required to pay Ksh 3,300, then given a wedding date consistent with the official diary.

Church – you’ll be required to Pay Ksh 800 after the 21day notice to get a Registrar.

Certificate which can be issued seven days thereafter

* Copy Pastor’s License & serial No. of certificate of marriage to be issued

3.  Where the ceremony shall happen aside from a church or Registrar’s Office e.g.

A Garden, hotel etc. a Special License is additionally needed to License the venue for a marriage even if notice is correctly given at  a fee of Ksh. 7200.

– Pastor’s License- if it’s a church wedding

– Both parties to be present


In the event that you simply cannot provides a notice for 21 days, the subsequent documents are going to be required.

1. Birth Certificates (Copies & Original)

2. Identification cards or passports (Copies & Original)

3. Prove that there’s no impediment to marriage e.g.

– Affidavits

– Death Certificate (In the case of widowed persons)-Copy & original

– Divorce Decree Absolute. (In the case of divorced persons)-Copy & original

4. Colored Passport size photos

5. A documented reason to point out (prove that you simply don’t have time to offer a 21-day notice.

*Both parties to be present

* Copy Pastor’s License- if the wedding is conducted by a church minister & Serial No.



1. Identification card/valid Kenyan passport (Copies & Original)

2. Colored passport size photo

3. Certificate (Copies & Original)

4. Affidavit.

– Death Certificate (In the case of widowed person) – Copy & original

– Divorce Decree Absolute (In the case of divorce person) – Copy & original


1. Valid passport (Copies & Original)

2. Certificate (Copies & Original)

3. Passport size photo (Colored)

4. A Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage.

– Death Certificate. (In the case of widowed person)- Or

– Divorce Decree Absolute. (In the case of divorce person)- Copy & original

5. Return air ticket/visa/work permit.

*Both parties to be present

*Copy Pastor’s License- for a Church wedding & Serial No. of Certificate


1. Valid passports (Copies & Original)

2. Passport size photos (Colored).

3. Birth certificates (Copies & Original)

4. Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage.

– Death Certificate. (In the case of widowed person) – Copy & original

– Divorce Decree Absolute. (In the case of divorce person) – Copy & original

5. Return air ticket./Visa/Work permit

*Both parties to be present

NB Any document during a language aside from English MUST be translated and verified as true translation

Professional Wedding officiant in Kenya

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