Viper VPR400 PCIe 4 SSDs

Viper VPR400 PCIe 4 SSDs

Patriot, a brand that has set its focus on SSD and other products development is now working on an expansion of SSD offers there by adding the Viper VPR400 that they portray as the globally first 4.0 by 4 M .2 PCIe SSD with a burgeoned RGB. If you keep up the follows and new developments of this storage capacity, then you must have come across the latest replacement of Viper vpr100 that was launched and reviewed in 2018.

Now let us dive in to the glam and glitz in the RGB but before that let us high jack in with the performance first. This successor performs under InnoGrit IG5220 controller of the SSD geared to a value segment. This here by is a 4K random write and read 500K IOPs and 600K IOPs performance in search respectively.

Additionally, iterative reads are noted down at 4600MB per sec across board while algebraic writes are noted down as 3600 MB per sec for 512GB SKU at an entry level and a 1TB SSD boost figuring at 4400 MB per sec.

These performances’ will not win any record speeds putting into consideration the equipment of SSD with InnoGrit IG5221 ‘RainierQX’ controller performance that is handling recursive writes and reads adding up to 6,000MB per sec and 7,000MB per sec respectively. Patriot would much rather hope the value and performance of Viper VPR400 would draw price considering gaming users.

For onboard 3D NAND and controller’s heat management, Patriot makes use of dynamic thermal throttling algorithm and an aluminum -made heat sink to level down the heat per performance envelop. Claims from patriot also state that the forbearance of 400 TB put down for SSD 512GB where else 800TB is doubled by 1TB SSD.

Most will prefer Viper VPR400 for its lighting RGB integrated to an aluminum made heat sink. The customization of the RGB uses Patriot made software named Viper RGB 3.0. As expected the effect of RGB might prove the compatibility with frontline platforms such as ASRock Polychrome Sync, Asus Aurora Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync and Gigabyte RGB Fusion. As pointed out previously, the family has an inclusion of 1TB and 512GB Viper VPR400. 2TB capacity storage has a potential launch for it has made a mention.

Although the price has not been reported, this capacity storage is approximated to atleast go for Ksh 11,000. I know it is a bit high but very worth it.

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