Uses of old Flash Drives

Uses of old Flash Drives

Am fully sure that most if not all laptops and computer users would be using a flash drive and for those who don’t they have atleast heard and seen it. The first computer built was launched in 1956 with RAMAC 305 IBM form. It covered a large positioning space nearly a mini stall with capacity storage of 5MBs only. Currently, you can a half finger sized flash hosting multiple GBs of capacity storage.

USB flash drives are more preferred for their less pricey and small structure designs. The safe keeping of these drives depends with the user for losing them is a pretty easy task while finding them is pretty complex especially when you do not have an area of search.

For basic storage flash drives, placing them in a drawer or keeping them plugged in a commonly used computer or laptop would do. However for controversial and private files, the flash can be attached to personal keys or locked in a drawer to prevent it from falling in destructive hands considering the fact they do not have place in security detail.

Most don’t know this but a flash drive does more than just store files.

  1. A flash enables the creation of computer unlock key

In these contemporary times, flash drives are the main file carriers in all professions. While you would want to keep some info private, some beings would like a little peek of that same info. Regrettably the average users reuse passwords based on personal info and interests that would be a piece of cake for malicious actors to guess and construct. By the change of a logging in sequence to physical from digital enabled by a flash drive one could possible get around info leakage risks.

  1. Enables the portability of Chrome profile

It is now a norm for the personalization of computers. Creation of accounts for services and sites selection saves and securing of favorites has proven inevitable and in turn enabling users gratification in home browsing. However upon different computer log in, the familiarity is lost. It is time wasting and tiresome to place your data back thus by the use of a flash drive, you can have a portable chrome profile where you can access info at any computer with no noticeable difference.

  1. Assist in dictatorship overthrow

In other world parts a flash drive is critical in freedom attainment. Campaigns like Flash Drives for Freedom have been managed and launched by the foundation of human rights seeking the info providence to North Korean Citizens.

There is more to what meets the eye with a flash drive. Its uses stretch widely to even making mixed tapes that we will talk about soon. Do not dispose that unwanted USB flash drive store if for its uses might come up sooner rather than later.

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