Types of web developments.

Types of web developments.

On this article you will get to know Types of web developments. Web development is the process of coming up with an idea on a website,designing it,developing it and releasing it to be used by the end users.Some of the examples of web development include:

⦁ Front end web development

This involves the use of various programming languages in developing the graphical user interface.The various types of tools used include HTML,CSS,Java Script and Web assembly.
Objectives of Front end web development.
i. It enables users to esily access websites on different mobile devices.
ii. It also helps in increasing the performance of the websites i.e they quickly open
iii. The quick performance saves a lot of time.

⦁ Back end web development.

This is used in controlling how the website operates by communicating with the database.Back end web uses programming languages such as Java,Python,Javascript,PHP,Ruby,Rust C++ etc.
⦁ Full stack web development.
It is used to develop the server software that is mostly used by the client and the server.The full stack web developer can program the browser for the user using languages such as Javascript,Angular.It can also program the database for the server software using programming languages such as SQL,SQL lite etc.


i. It is very cost effective
ii. It is easy to develop and upgrade the systems.
iii. It is easier to work with hence it saves on time and money.

⦁ Web designer is responsible for creating the content that will be entailed in the website for instance the features of the website.

⦁ Web programmer uses various programming languages to code the website pages and servers.The various programming languages used include HTML,Javascript,Python,ASP,C++

⦁ Web Content developers are responsible for developing the content that is being represented in the web pages. The content developer should have good communication skills,should be able to work independently and under pressure,they should also be able to respond to changes and work on multiple website browsers at a time.

⦁ Web master is responsible for ensuring that the website is functioning with ease.They should ensure that the search optimization engine is great and it functions at a high speed.He should also ensure that the content posted is unique enough to attract readers.

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