Types of Quickbook POS for your business.

Types of Quickbook POS for your business.

ON this article you will get to know.Types of QuickBooks POS for your business. Quickbook Point of Sales system is a system that is intergrated in businesses to help out in their daily operations.It enables the business owner to run huis business on his terms and with much ease.It also enables the owner to keep track of his sales and financial records.

There are four main types of Quickbook POS systems used in businesses worldwide.Each of this Quickbook POS has features that distinguish it from the other.The business owner can pick on the POS system that best suits his business.

i. QuickBooks Pro.

It is mostly used in small and mid sized business to offer solutions to accounting challenges.These may include accounts payable and receivable,managing payrolls,managing income and expenses as well asaccounting for various projects.

This POS can be installed on premise or downloaded from the cloud.It can be intergrated with other software applications such us Mac and Windows OS to import data to financial softwares.It allows the user to organise his data files at a much faster rate thus saving time.

ii. QuickBooks Premier.

It is said that Quickbooks Premier has a number of features that enable it to be intergrated in a variety of businesses.These features include managing contacts,keeping a track of the inventory,managing paybills,creating budgets and preparing reports,sending invoices and estimates among many other features.

The Quickbook premier professional POS is more advanced as it enables the uset to get hourly rates which make it easy while preparing invoices.It inventory management is also more advanced than that of Quickbooks Pro.

iii. QuickBooks Enterprise.

This has features such as easy set up and installation,location tracking feature,serial number tracking,advanced inventory,a multi location inventory and First In First Out inventory costing.This POS also comes with a barcode scanner for scanning the goods codes.

Advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise.

-It can process large amounts of data.
-It offers the user a wide range of accessing data.
-This POS comes with educational materials that help in training the users.
-Since it can process large amounts of data it increases the user capacity.
-It has a great support system that lasts for long.
-It enables the user to get access to hidden and remote data.

iv. Quickbook Accountant.

It deals with all the accounting activities in a business.This POS mainly does invoices,payrolls,managing projects and managing client accounts.It has an inbuilt work paper,prepares end month reviews,assigns lead accountants,has an e-commerce section and help in sorting out customers transactions.


If you have trouble picking out the best POS system for your business,you may have to look for an expert who will help you pick the best Quickbook POS and help you with the installation.The expert may also provide you with a demo to help you understand how the POS works.Types of QuickBooks POS for your business.

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