Type of POS systems in kenya.

Type of POS systems in kenya.


We can all agree that doing calculations manually can be so tiresome. And since man is to error,human beings tend to make a lot of mistakes whenever they deal with huge numbers.so,what better way than to invent a mechanism that will assist human beings to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

Point of sales system or rather point of purchase system as some may describe it is keeping a  track record of all the sales and transactions made by your business within a certain period of time.In other words,POS  systems help the business owner to know the goods that are being frequently purchased by customers and he is able to gauge the amount of money he is likely to get from the sales of all products.it also assists him in keeping inventory for the items he needs to supply in his store.

The first pos system was invented in the mid 1800s in the form of a cash register. Before that, managing businesses was quite hard as calculations were done by human beings who tend to make a lot of mistakes.

Later on in the 1970s,an electronic cash register was introduced which had a mainframe computer which acted as the main server. The device was more improved than the cash register as it was able to print out sales reports .

In 1985,a color touch screen device was introduced and this marked the start of a modern system that would keep track reports, print them and keep an eye on the employees at the same time.

Below are different examples of businesses and the Type of POS systems in kenya used.

1.Gas and petrol stations.

Gas stations use a variety of POS systems such as verifone pos,petrosoft smart pos,LS retail forecourt pos and nafta pos. 

  • Nafta pos system has been specially designed for the operations at a gas/petrol station.iit is used in controlling the dispensing of petroleum products as well as liquified petroleum ga{LPG},compressed natural gas among others.it also monitors the operations taking place in the station,automatically provides reports on sales,identifies the vehicles that fuel in the station, and also enables sales using different platforms.


  • It has an interface that enables the user to easily understand reports and interpret them, therefore ease in training employees.
  • One of the unique features of this pos system is that it is possible to control operations that are in remote areas without the need of being present.
  • The fuel dispensers can also be operated from a central point to facilitate the dispensing of all types of products at the same time.
  • The systems are easy to update since they have a simple configuration that helps all customers to have access by downloading it.

2.Retail stores and pharmaceutical stores

The most commonly used POS  systems in these types of business are vend pos,light speed pos and shopify pos.

  • Vend pos.Most retailers prefer using this system because it is cheap and it provides great inventory management.
  • Lightspeed pos is popular because it is perfect for keeping very large inventories.
  • Shopify pos is well known for allowing customers to buy goods online.
  • Square pos is commonly used in small business enterprises.It is a versatile option that can be used in startups that don’t require a high capital.

3.Restaurants,cafes,clubs and club houses.

POS systems commonly used in such areas are;

  • Toast pos-it was built purposely to serve such areas.It is the most suitable pos system here because it offers options such as ordering online,payments options are also not limited to cash .
  • Lightspeed pos-it can be able to perform a number of tasks at a time therefore providing faster services for customers.
  • Clover pos-most suitable POS system for small and medium businesses.

4.Book stores and libraries

From time to time,people visit the library to get equipped with knowledge.A library/book store is otherwise known as a gallery of books.Imagine how long it would take a person to track down a book if the library did not have a proper book keeping inventory.Unlike before where people spent a lot of time searching for a book nowadays modern methods have been employed to facilitate quick access.

With the help of a librarian,they can simply check on their system which books are currently available and which ones have been lend to readers and where to find them on a shelf.Therefore,POS systems which were exclusively developed for those selling books made work so much easier.some of these systems include;

  • Light speed pos;wide inventory keeping,e-commerce services,management of order of work and employees,manage purchase orders.
  • Vend pos system;cloud based pos.office e-commerce services,keeps track of employees,management customers,offers a variety of payment options.
  • Square pos.best pos system for payment plans options. It also coordinates employees and methods of paying them.it also has a free online store that is easily accessible.
  • Shopify pos.has the best channel for selling goods on social media platforms,creates customer profiles,has the best support team and encourages other payment plan methods.

How are pos systems used to compose reports and make decisions?

Some may ask,how do these systems work and how do they benefit the business owner?let’s take for instance a retail shop like walmart.So how does Walmart ensure that operations run without a hitch?The retail store offers a wide range of products which attract a lot of customers.products such as groceries,construction materials,pharmaceutical products among others.

So customers walk upto the shelf,pick an item[s] place it in a troller and push it to the counter.The cashier then scans all the items using a barcode scanner and it is displayed on a desktop for the customer to know the price.The customer is shown the bill on the desktop and they pay for the products using the payment options available.If the customer is using credit card to pay,it is run through a credit card swiper and they input a pin and the transaction is completed.a receipt printer then ejects a receipt for the customer.

If a customer forgot an item and would like to purchase the item on their next visit to the store,they wouldn’t have to walk all the way to the counter to get the price of the item, rather the cashier would simply check the item on the computer and inform them.

The POS  systems have various features that enable them to record sales made daily reports.This enables the owner to keep proper inventory and control cash flow thus enabling him to boost his revenue base and manage his business efficiently.Type of POS systems in kenya.


Pos systems act as control centres for profit oriented entrepreneurs.No entrepreneur wants to make losses in his business.The advantageous aspect is that they are available in all sizes and prices for both small and large scale enterprises. We have the top best point of sale system in Kenya

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