Top Best Hospital Management Systems in Kenya

THospital Management Systems in Kenya

A Hospital Management System (HMS) refers to the combination of processes and data to a singular platform. This is where you get a 360 degree rounded up access of doctors, appointments, patients, inventory, finances, bills and uncountable more managing and info. The full unified view and better implementation officiates efficiency in quality service providence joined with not only certified but professionalism in medical care assistance also. In a nutshell, the system automates the creation of frictionless approach to complexities solve and full hospital management.
For easier control in hospital management, there have been affordable advance techs presented by Nextgen Solutions Company. This company is located in Nairobi. They offers the following HMS features that heighten progress.
Doctor and patient database
Prescription management
Patients data history
Human resource database
Appointment management
Hospital accounting
Doctor and patient live video consultation
Telemedicine by video conferencing
Financial reports
User activity report
Patient payment history
Dynamic and Multi language (Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Turkish)
Pharmacy management
Module ( email, notice and core)
SMS management
Big data handling
RTL structure
Lab Info system
Frontend website
Doctors schedule management
The company presents and provides mega solutions in returning human- centric focus to the previously offered healthcare. Working with Nextgen solutions, will be a boost in productivity and collaboration in staff, an experience improvement to patients, capabilities in integration and regulatory compliance.
Advancement and proper integration boosts clinical decision while offering quick time in response and data accuracy
The speed and flexibility offered by Nextgen joined with the meaningful interaction patient practitioner offers employees productivity maximization of routine work automation. Patient’s data and details are transferred from paper to a more secure, retrievable and organized form for simplicity in follow up and diagnosis.
The HMS allocates preferred and available specialists upon and appointment book by a patient. The specialist will definitely be picked depending on the area of expertise in need.
In the patient’s database, the company presents the treatment needed; medical history, visits details, appointments, insurance, and more about a patient are paramount in their treatment journey and are stored
The solution laid by staff management is pretty concrete in hospitals. Their service domain and job description are vital and knowing them at a glance would save so much effort and time. While change is inevitable, growth is personal, therefore for prosperity Kenya will continues taking steps to achieve greater heights.