The Dimensions of Office Chairs

On this article you will get to know The Dimensions of Office Chairs

The Dimensions of Office Chairs

Get the simplest productivity, comfort and injury prevention possible by utilizing the simplest fitting office chair possible. The simplest fit comes from an eye fixed toward dimension. There are two major areas of concern when discussing chair dimensions. First, there’s the particular size of the chair in question, and second, the dimension of the one that are going to be using the chair.

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Basic Dimensions

There is not any “standard” office chair dimension, but most desk chairs fall under a standard range of sizes.

height: 16 inches to twenty.5 inches.

width: 19 inches to 21.625 inches

depth: 15.75 inches to 18.5 inches

The overall height of an office chair varies on the peak of the backrest and if there’s a neck rest; the range is 31 inches to 40 inches from the ground to the highest of the chair.

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One Size Fits All?

One of the primary studies of human dimensions was conducted by the U.S. military during war II. Many American soldiers were measured. Anthropomorphic data (the study of calculating body measurements) was gathered, and therefore the numbers were averaged. Those measurements covered about 95 percent of the population and are the size many manufactures still use when determining what size to form their office chairs. There are problems with this, however, and that they stem from a couple of specific factors. Sizes vary supported age, gender, race and even vocation.

The first data came from active men in their 20s. A furniture manufacturer believes that really only about 60 percent of the population is really comfortable and performing optimally with a typical office chair. Two people that are the precise same total height and gender but have different leg, arm and torso measurements would need two differently adjusted chairs.

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