The computers operating systems

The computers operating systems

An operating system refers to software that is low level however it holds the basic computing functions such as controlling peripherals and scheduling tasks. The IT department puts focus largely on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Apple IOS, and Goggle Android OS.

Functions of an operating system

  1. Disc management-The formatting, division, installation, and management of disks and drives are controlled and done by the OS.
  2. Loading and execution-The OS is bound to load, start and execute an opening-up program.
  3. Process management-The synchronization, protection, and info share from different comp processes is a resource allocated and designed by an OS.
  4. Memory management-The OS takes up the coordination and control of apps and the allocation of program space.
  5. Device controlling– An OS paves way for or declines any device to get through be it a USB or a DVD.
  6. Booting– This is starting or powering up a computer.
  7. User Interface– Using commands and codes the user’s info is entered and received effectively.
  8. Printing control-All the printing is controlled by the OS.
  9. Data security-To prevent cyber attackers, the OS has some safety measures put up.

Windows, Mac, Linus, Android, or Chrome OS?

  1. Windows

Having the lion share, windows software is the talk in the market. New windows supporting computers are currently using the windows 10 or 11 version. Both versions can work widely on computers and tablets (which operate in an in-built touch screen method). Computers from past generations cannot run windows 11 for it requires strict hardware. Windows 11 has in-built Linux and android app support.

  1. Mac

Mac is an Apple hardware OS designed to provide constricted integration to pro across program consistency. Most window based programs have Mac version that has file compatibility format with windows. Macs based on Intel can accommodate Windows via Macs operating system installers in built utilities. This allows native run of windows with no software emulation on mac hardware for effective performance.

  1. Linus

For a free operating system then Linus is the top choice preference. It runs via mint and Ubuntu this being the popular most Linus flavors. Regrettably, Linus turns on only two percent of laptops and PCs.

  1. Chrome

Chrome is an OS for chrome bits, chrome boxes, and Chromebooks. Chrome is ranked best for security, low overhead hardware, simplicity and a long life battery. Chrome cannot be weighed by excessiveness of convolutes.

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