Steps of setting up and installing Quick books POS systems.

Quickbooks Point of Sale.

Steps of setting up and installing Quick books POS systems.

Steps of setting up and installing Quick books POS systems.

The first step of installing Quickbooks POS system is by downloading it.The user could download the link online then start the set up interview after clicking on it.The second step is connecting the hardware immediately after being prompted by the hardware setup expert.Then follows the completion of the interview.The set up up is completed by ringing up the sales then following the next steps as instructed.

Before installing Quickbooks POS ,the user should take note of a few instructions which are:

i. Ensuring the workstation of the POS set up meets the criteria and requirements as listed in the guide.
ii. The user should sign in using Windows Administrator right before installing the POS system.
iii. Right clicking on the firewall icon to update the firewall software.
iv. The user should ensure that the POS on the various workstations are properly networked and incase of challenged they should seek for assistance from an expert.
v. If the quickbook POS is being intergrated with other financial softwares,the user should thoroughly check the intergration tab before starting the installation.

Information required by the user before setting up the POS system.

a. Names,contact number,address and account numbers of customers,suppliers and employees.
b. Sales tax rates being applied and the name of the agency the tax is being paid to.
c. Current costs and prices of inventory.
d. For a multi-store installation,there should be information on names,addresses,contact number of each store.For instance Quickmart Pioneer branch info,Quickmart Kiambu Road info etc
How to install Quickbooks POS system on a server workstation.
1.How to choose the best server workstation for your POS
The server workstation of the quickbooks POS is simply a computer that has een set aside to perform the overall functions of the POS in the business premise.

The activities performed by the POS server system include:

a. Creating and storing all the data files of the business.
b. Managing the POS registration as well as the licensing.
c. Connecting and exchanging financial data from the Quickbooks POS.
d. Ensuring all the other desktop POS systems are running smoothly and with ease.
2.How to install Quickbooks POS on the server workstation.
a. Apart from windows which should continue running,all other programs should be shut down.
b. If the Quickbooks POS system link was downloaded,the user should click on the link and follow the instructions.If it was installed in a DVD player,the user should install the drive in the desktop and it will automatically set itself.If it doesnt,the user can click on setup.exe file.
c. He/she then enters the licence and product number that is either sent to their email if the link has been downloaded or the DVD folder if it is a DVD.
d. The user then chooses how many computers he would want the POS to be installed in.
e. Once notified,restart the desktop then launch the POS software as well as other applications.Steps of setting up and installing Quick books POS systems.

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