Throughout history software failures have toppled over from ransom wares, and data leakages to IT outages greatly demising extensive companies and lowering client positive feedbacks. Bugs, ambiguities, and misinterpreting some specifics those sales are bound to achieve have since stopped being an eye savior but rather a diminishing factor.

Be it private or public sector information technology has become prevalent though impossible to deliver without. The software has collectively transformed computers into a redoubtable extension of most if not all humane abilities in processing and storing the substantial size of data.

Continuous Integration (CI) adoption toppling up gives no tolerance to failures due to the high cost.

History’s biggest software failures

  1. Data breach case- Amazon partner Juspay shamed online

Juspay based in India has partnered with renowned online retailers among them being Amazon. Bengaluru recently experienced a data leakage that exposed sensitive customer data. Although the reaction was quick, tension could not help sipping through all the personnel involved. The quick response enabled system audit that safeguarded a repeat of such endorsement and tight security was put up to prevent a reoccurrence.


2. Yahoo massive Data Breach

Yahoo puts a confirmation to a breach claim that involved personal details, encrypted and not-encrypted security answers to questions being stolen. The involvement robbed roughly 500 million users of their privacy, thus Yahoo polite suggestion was to review and changing the personal security of each user. It is advisable for each user to avoid any suggested downloads of suspicious emails or passing out personal information to anyone.

3. Software bug installed in the vaccine scheduling system

Virtual Health group in New Jersey Hospital discovered vaccine duplicated appointments in their glitch check.

4. Zoom app security issues

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, most institutions and companies used video conferencing in the zoom app to carry out work management activities. Woefully, the app had close to no synthesized security detail thus diming it unfit for conducting private meets. This was proven right by the Indian computer security response team after countless discussions between various international governments and the Indian government.

5. Tesla’s memory failure

Tesla, a car company that specifies electric car control, needs a fix over 100k cars memory issues. If a memory life span is reached failure oughts to be experienced.

BugRaptors is a solution that has secluded and focused all its concentration to fix any bug-related problems.  Enterprises up on enterprises have centralized their trust in the solution’s ability and experience with hacs.

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