Best Gas cooker and electric oven repair in Nairobi in 2024

Best cooker repair services in Nairobi Kenya

Are you looking for the best and affordable  Cooker repair in Nairobi ? We understand that getting an expert gas cooker repair technician is hard and time consuming. That’s why at Nextgen Solutions we came up with the idea of providing professional expert services for cooker repair in Nairobi, Kenya. We offer home services just Call us today on 0729150253 / 0706731791. And we will send one of our technician within the shortest time possible.

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We understand that Gas cooker is an essential home appliance. So when broken can bring a lot of inconvenience to you. But you don’t have to worry as we respond promptly when you contact us. And connect you with our expert technician who are highly trained, knowledgeable, and courteous. Contact us today on 0706 731 791 or schedule the services online

Why Nextgen Gas Cooker Repair Service in Nairobi?

  • Verified Professionals: All the Nextgen Technician are certified professionals who are taken through screening for verification. We also give them training to ensure that only good quality of work is offered to our customers
  • Customer Protection: We feel responsible of your appliances and therefore we provide customer protection
  • Flexibility: We provide repair services for all Gas cooker brand and categories.
  • Service Guarantee: We take full ownership of our service and therefore by providing you with 90 days service guarantee.

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5 Common Gas Cooker and Oven Problems

1. The Gas Burner Won’t Light

If you are using a gas stove, try to light the range burners using a match that is if the electric ignition is not functioning. However, if the burners fail to light up. And you are sure it’s not the result of a problem like a power blackout, you can try troubleshooting other issue or call an expert to fix it.

  • Try to lift off the burner grate, burner cap and burner base and see how it will work out
  • You can also clean any food particles out of the burner with a toothpick to open up the closed holes
  • Also you can try to clean the grate, cap and case
  • Finally you can check if there is loose connection on the wires connecting the igniter to the control module.

The Gas Burner still won’t light? This is time to call an expert.

watch how to clean the gas burner at home

2. The Range Burner Won’t Heat

When you are using an electric stove, your range burners need electricity in order to heat up. This burners with sometime get worn out and need to be replaced. But before that you can try to troubleshoot using the following steps.

  • Try to change out the faulty burner with one that you know is working. By simply unplugging it from the burner socket and replace it with one that works.
  • If the working burner works well, then issue is with your burner. You have to replace it.
  •  But if the working burner doesn’t heat up, the issue is either the switch or the socket.
  • Check the socket or use a different socket. And test the burner again. If you find out that it still not working it then you need to replace the infinite switch.

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3. The Gas Cooker/Oven Won’t Heat

When your oven is not heating it is usually the result of a malfunctioning igniter (for a gas oven) or heating element (for an electric oven). But if both your gas oven and your gas burners are not working, the issue probably is the gas line, and for this you will need an expert to repair.


4. The Gas Cooker/Oven Door Won’t Shut

When you oven door is not shutting it is not safe to use it. You can try to follow these steps to fix it.But it is recommended you contact an expert.

  • Try to unplug the oven and put off the gas, if it’s a gas model.
  • Tweak straight up and out on the door to take it out from the oven. If it won’t tweak up, look to remove any screws holding the hinges in place inside the oven.
  • Look on the hinges and replace them if necessary.
  • You can also check for broken door springs. Slip out the bottom drawer and gaze under the oven to see the door springs if they are broken.
  • When you have done all this and the oven door still won’t shut. This means that the door sensor may need to be replaced.

5. The Gas Cooker/Oven Interior Light Is Out

When you see that the interior light is not working don’t worry. Just like other house light bulbs the one for Oven also need to be replaced. Follow the Steps below

  • Turn counterclockwise to remove the bulb cover
  • Take out the old bulb by pushing it straight out.
  • Using a dry cloth or gloves to hold the new bulb, interchange the old bulb with one of the same type.

If your Gas Cooker or Oven have either of the above issue or any other issue than one listed you can call us on 0718 610 593 or email us on

Cost of Repairing Gas Cooker and Oven in Nairobi Kenya

You could be wondering “what is the cost of repairing Electrical & Gas cooker in Kenya’?  well the question does not have a straight forward answers. As the cost depends on what the issue with you gas cooker and the spare needed to be replaced. All you have to do contact us with the details of your issue and we will revert to you with the cost of repairing your Gas Cooker or Oven.

Watch how to repair gas cooker in Nairobi

Gas Cooker Spare Parts in Kenya

If you are looking for genuine gas cooker spare part in Nairobi. You can count on us as we do all our repairs with original parts.

Professional Electric & Gas Cooker Repair Service in Nairobi

We are providing Gas cooker and Oven Repair Services in  Lavington, Karen,Runda,Muthaiga,Kilimani,Kileleshwa,Ridgeways,Parklands,Umoja,Buruburu,South B,South C,Ngong,Kitengela,Mlolongo etc. All this at reasonable price with highly qualified and specialized  Gas cooker technician.They are able to work around the clock and bend all the corners to serve you.

Gas Cooker and Oven Repair Services Provider Near you

You could be wondering “Can I get Gas Cooker repair service near me”? Yes you can as we provide our services across the country. Call us today on 0706 731 791 or email us on

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What is the maintenance of a gas cooker?”

You should wipe your cooker down daily, scrub it weekly and deep clean it monthly

How often should a gas cooker be serviced?”

You should service it every year to make sure that it is  safe, efficient and working at their full capacity

What to do if gas cooker is not working?”

You can easily solve this problem by washing the burner cap.

With little warm water, soap, and a soft brush will quickly clear the burner cap.

Why is my gas cooker not heating up?”

The mostly like issue is that the  igniter is faulty and need to be checked  by a professional technician

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