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How to Reset Washing Machines

How to Reset Washing Machines

How to Reset Washing Machines


On this article you will learn How to Reset Washing Machines .Resetting a washer won’t to be as simple as unplugging it, waiting one minute, and plugging it back in. and that is still included together of the primary steps in resetting even the foremost complicated digital washing machines. New digital displays mean that your washer is provided with an indoor computer that occasionally may have to be rebooted properly for your washer to function. This reboot or reset method differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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GE Washers


Step 1

Reset your GE washer by pressing the “Off,” button, waiting one minute then pressing the “On” button.


Step 2

Reset the instrument panel by holding down the “Back” and “My Cycles” buttons concurrently for 3 seconds then releasing.


Step 3

Write down any errors displayed just in case your washer ultimately needs a trip, employing a pencil and paper. If the word “More” is displayed, press “More” to spot the remainder of the errors. When the display says “Exit,” press “Exit.”

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Step 4

Unplug your GE washer and plug it back in directly.


Step 5

Press the “Power” and therefore the “Start/Stop” button concurrently when the machine powers on until the house screen pops up, signaling that your washer has been successfully reset.

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Maytag Washing Machines


Step 1

Unplug your Maytag washer for 30 seconds.


Step 2

Plug your washer back in, and after 30 seconds, push the “Pause/Cancel/Stop” button twice. Choose a wash cycle.

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Step 3

Press the “Start” button until the wash cycle begins to make sure that the washer is functioning properly.

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