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How to Repair a washer Lid Switch

How to Repair a washer Lid Switch

How to Repair a washer Lid Switch


On this article you will get to know How to Repair a washer Lid Switch. There are variety of things which will cause a washer to prevent working. One quite common problem may be a broken washer lid switch. This culprit for top-loading machines is liable for several functions of the machine. When the lid switch fails, the washer doesn’t function properly. A washer lid switch is typically made from plastic, which is an item which will and does break. The lid switch indicates to the washer when it’s safe to proceed to subsequent cycle, particularly when that cycle is possibly hazardous, like the agitate or spin cycle. If the switch is broken, the machine interprets that because the lid is open, and cannot reach subsequent cycle. This feature was added to machines after several injuries occurred thanks to operators reaching into the bathtub of the washer during the agitate or spin cycles. Replacing the lid switch doesn’t require much time or expense and may be a more practical solution to replacing the whole machine.


Occasionally, counting on the model, the lid switch are going to be made from different materials like metal. Either way, most replacement parts are often found online or in local appliance part supply stores. Confirm that the part you order is that the correct lid switch for the make and model of your particular washer. You will want to collect your tools and replacement part in preparation for the work. Confirm that you simply unplug the electrical supply to the washer. It’s going to be easier to maneuver if you progress the machine out of a decent spot, like a closet, as you’ll got to be ready to access all sides of the washer.

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Step 1 – close up Power

Double check to form sure the electrical supply has been disconnected and there’s no power getting to the machine.


Step 2 – Remove the highest of the Machine

Unscrew the highest of the washer. There’ll likely be both screws and bolts. Make note of the location of the screws and bolts. It’s helpful to figure during a clockwise pattern when removing them. Place the screws and bolts on a surface or sectioned container within the order they’re removed. Liftoff the highest of the machine. Some lids have a lip on one side and should got to be slid forward and tilted up for removal.

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Step 3 – Replace the Switch

Examine the lid switch. Some switches are attached to electrical sensors using clamps; others are attached with small bolts. Loosen clamps or screws and take away the old switch. Replace with the new switch and tighten clamps or screws.


Step 4 – Replace the Lid

Replace the machine lid. If the lid required sliding and lifting, replace it within the reverse order that it had been removed.


Step 5 – Replace Remaining Hardware

Replace screws and bolts to refasten the lid of the machine.


Step 6 – Test the Machine

Plug the machine in and test the function by starting it on different cycles.

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