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On this article you will get to know how to fix common android problems. If you get irritated and throw your Android device within the trash or head to the service center, there are a couple of belongings you could try your own to repair most problems on your Android device. Who wants to travel through the additional pain and energy of visiting a service center once you can fix it yourself, right? So give this text a read before you hand over all hope and begin thinking Android is that the worst OS within the world. It’s not the top of the planet yet, and hopefully, after reading this text, you’ll agree too.

Google Play Store Crash

If your Google Play Store crashes once you launch it, you’ll just be handling a corrupt cache. Usually, an easy ‘clear cache’ will fix this problem. You’ll follow the below steps on most Android devices today:

– attend settings > apps > the “all” tab– Then find Google Play Store and choose “wipe cache & data”

– Restart your phone, and you’re done. If this doesn’t work then perhaps you ought to also consider wiping the cache for the below services:

– Google Play Services

– Google Services Framework don’t forget to restart your phone after both wipes.

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Insufficient space

The Android OS allocates read-only memory space for every of its apps. Users aren’t ready to expand this. So, you’ll just get this error albeit your device shows that there’s plenty of storage capacity remaining. The easiest way of freeing up space on your device is by uninstalling the apps you don’t use. But, if you’re using music apps like Spotify, you’ll find it difficult to locate exactly where they’re being stored. The simplest way to release space is with the assistance of a cleaner app like Cleaner. If you’re trying to urge a visible display of where all of your memory is being consumed, you’ll think about using Disk Usage. It’ll visually display all the locations and sizes of your files for straightforward viewing.


Not downloading apps

There are times when the Google Play store doesn’t allow you to install or download apps. There are a few of very fashionable fixes for this problem. The primary one involves wiping the cache for Google Play. The second is to easily erase its history. Wiping the cache seems to be the simplest fix for this problem. Here’s how you are doing it:

– attend settings > apps > the “all” tab

– Then find Google Play Store and choose “wipe cache & data”

– Restart your phone, and you’re done. Go to the Play Store > Settings > Selection “Clear History”


You also can give the wiping history option an attempt if you want

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Installing Google Play

If you get your hands on an imported tablet or smartphone, likelihood is that it won’t have Google Play. Users will need to find an APK from third party sources if they need to put in it on their devices. Before getting started, they’re going to need to enable third party sources.

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Here’s how:

– attend Settings > Security > Check the “Unknown Sources” box

– Once this is often done, you’ll be ready to install the shop. There are videos detailing this process on the web also. You’ll check out them if you would like to form the method easier on  how to fix common android problems.

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 Older version of Play Store

Sometimes, the newest version of the Google Play Store won’t work on your smartphone or tablet. In such cases, you’ll try installing older versions instead. You’ll find links for APK downloads of almost every major Play Store version on the web. Just download one among them and use the above steps to put in a compatible one instead.

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Freeing up memory on Android

This is most likely RAM that you’re pertaining to. The Android OS works best when there are minimal applications installed. This is often because there are some apps which run within the background albeit you aren’t actually using them. The more the amount of apps you’ve got installed, the more the probabilities of a number of them running within the background and eating up RAM. The simplest way of fixing this is often by uninstalling all the apps you don’t use.

You shouldn’t think about using app killers as they will negatively impact the way many of your apps function. RAM boosters are even as bad. Initially glance, they’ll appear to be the foremost useful gizmo ever, but on closer inspection, you’ll notice that they’re actually harming your phone.

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System UI unresponsive

Sometimes, the UI (User Interface) may pack up. If you can’t fix this issue with an easy restart, then you ought to try wiping the cache for the System UI.

Android doesn’t read microSD card

This happens on many occasions. Formatting the SD card is that the easiest solution here. But, this solves only a neighborhood of the difficulty with SD cards. If you haven’t tried this solution yet, give it a shot:

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– attend settings > storage > choose “Format SD card.

– Select “Format SD card” again from the list of options.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to connect the SD card with a card reader to recover your data. If your files can’t be read even after you connect it to a PC, you’ll got to use one among the info recovery software available today. There are many effective software available for free of charge. Just devour anybody of them.


Android is meant to be one among the foremost robust operating systems within the world immediately. As compared to Windows, it’s more or less resistant to any kind of malicious software. Don’t misunderstand though because it still features a ton of malware for you to observe out for. It’s also very easy to get over almost any software fault as you’d have noticed above.

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All you actually got to do is press a couple of buttons, and your problems are going to be solved. It doesn’t get easier than that, does it? So if you were wondering whether you ought to buy an Android phone or if you’re facing trouble together with your Android phone, the ideas and suggestions provided here should satisfy any problems/doubts that you simply may have. However, if you continue to end up scratching your head, bring your phone to Nextgen Solutions. We’ll look at it! ON more tips on how to fix common android phone call us on 0706731791

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