Rental House Management Systems.

Introduction to Rental House Management Systems.

On  this article we will get to learn Types of Rental House Management Systems. We all want to own that dreamhouse someday, it may be through buying a house,a mortgage fund or even buying a piece of land and constructing your desired house. However,sometimes we might not have enough funds to own such luxurious houses therefore we end up renting a one bedroom or a two bedroom apartment or whichever kind that suits us better. Therefore,the real estate sector is growing tremendously because of the demand for housing.Thus property developers are using Rental Houses Management Systems(RHMS) in helping them to run their businesses. RHMS may therefore be described as a network server that is used to connect landlords,tenants,caretakers and maybe house agents.In other terms it is a system that allows the landlords to keep track of their tenants,caretakers to communicate with the tenants and offer occasional utility services and property agents to manage finances for the property owner. This system is not only used in rental houses and apartments but also in hotel rooms.Lets take for example that a person is attending a business trip in mombasa,this means that they have to book a hotel or an apartment to stay at until the business trip is over. This is where Rental House Management systems come in.

So what are the benefits of using RHMS to rent out an apartment or a hotel?

  • A Lot of time and money is saved when using the RHMS as one does not need to be physically present for transactions to be made.
  • The system has been developed to be user friendly thus easy to use by first timers.
  • The system reduces the amount of work done by reducing the amount of paperwork.
  • It ensures that customers are provided with excellent services as they can make complaints and suggestions through the system.
  • The system offers 24/7 services unlike having to meet the owners and agents in person who might sometimes not be around.
  • RHMS helps improve management by ensuring things are done smoothly and clients are always attended to.
This system has been integrated to fit each user for instance landlords have a different module from the agents as well as the tenants. Each module has been fitted with specific features to perform functions differently.

These modules include:

  1. Registration of tenants module which enables tenants to enquire more about the place they are going to rent.
  2. Listing of houses module which displays pictures of both the interior and exterior of the houses/hotel rooms available.
  3. Owner/landlord registration module which may be used by the property owner to advertise his apartments without the need of an agent.
  4. Selling houses module which allows the owner to post the houses after successfully login into the system.
  5. Post house module that allows the user to make any changes to the pictures they have posted.
  6. Book house module that allows a tenant to book a house of their choice before settling in.Types of Rental House Management Systems.
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