Quickbooks POS registration and Licensing.

Quickbooks POS registration and Licensing.

Before beginning any registration,the user should create a company profile by filling in the company/business data.

i. First,the user selects the company file.The file could be an open practice mode file,open existing file,restore from backup or renaming the company.
ii. The user then enters the name of the company which should be outstanding.If the business has multiple store,the user enters the headquaters number as reference.
iii. The user then inputs the workstation number.
iv. Then click OK.The data file will be created automatically.

Registration of Quickbooks POS.

The user should make sure that the server workstation is has been registered otherwise it will cease function 6 days after being installed.Registration is done online by clicking on Registering Now.Registering the POS helps keep the software functional as well as helping the user access more features.

Quickbooks POS licensing.

The POS license number is accessed by viewing the icon on About Quickbooks POS which is located on the HELP menu.The license number is essential for the user especially when he/she wants to get help from the support team or buy extra user licenses.
If the POS is installed at various workstations,the installation will only use one license number.In this case,the POS can only be ran on one POS station at a time.If the user needs to run all the workstations at the same time ther user will have to purchase the multiple user license.The multiple user license acts as a license manager in all workstations.
Once the user has completed setting up the POS,it automatically launches and configures itself.

Contents in setting up the Point of Sales.

a. Company name.
The company name and details is recorded and printed on every sales receipts as well as other documents.
b. Sales Tax.
If there is tax charges they should be recorded and the tax rate should be provided.The business should also include the name of the company to which the tax is paid to.
c. Payment methods and Gift cards.
The POS should allow the user to accept various payment methods such as debit and credit cards.If the user already has a POS payment account,he/she doesnt have to register a new one but can simply log in into the old account.The gift card service can be simply activated by clicking Activate tab.
d. E-commerce.
The user can intergrate e-commerce into their POS system by simply creating an e-commerce account.If they have an existing account they can simply login into the account.

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