POS systems found in kenya.

On this article we lear on POS systems found in kenya. We all encounter a pos system in our day to day operations and may not be aware of it. For those wondering what a pos system is. It is basically the hardwares and softwares that you encounter while shopping for items in a retail store,fueling your car at the gas station,buying a book to read or buying a meal or a drink in a restaurant.So in simple terms,a point of sale system is basically a software that enables one to make an order,buy an item,pay for it and have it delivered to their doorstep.

These point of sale systems come in a range of items such as cash registers,barcode scanners,fuel dispensers,debit and credit card systems among other items.

Types of pos systems used globally.

POS  systems service providers provide their customers with services such as initial installation of the pos systems,programming the systems,training users and also assisting in updating their systems.-POS systems are used in various parts of the world especially in businesses.Their variety and range of features enables customers to choose a system that is best suitable for their enterprise.

The table below shows the types of pos systems,their features and functionalities,merits and demerits.

POS systems.Features and functionalities.MeritsDemerits
1.vend pos -provides the customer with a wide catalogue to choose from.-enables sending reports.-its rates customer performanceProducts and stores can be easily transferred.-accepts all methods of payment.-customers get customized receipts after payment.-it also offers free trials for product users before engaging.-ease in searching for items.-slow servers.-poor support team for responses.-it is not compatible with some hardwares.only functions when installed in specific hardwares.
2.lightspeed pos-it has features that make it easy to differentiate products in terms of size,colour etc-has a configuration that helps track customers down.-items can be sold as a package-its system has been encrypted making it hard for fraudsters to hack into peoples details.-interface is easy to learn and be adapted by first time users.-its e-commerce enables customers to shop both online and instore.-has a poor support system-the payment options are quite limited.
3.quickbooks pos-keep customers’ details.-has a synchronised system that enables it to make very minor errors.-various payment methods can be used to pay for products-it is easy to track down records for customers.-it is also  easy to manage employees as well as their activities.-payment details are protected and not easy to hack into.-can keep a very large inventory.-the system limits the number of transactions that can be performed.-slow server system.-lack of a reliable support team-it is also limited to a number of people who can use it
4.shopify pos lite-wide range of payment platforms.-provides users with a wide range of products and services.-great system analytics-it has an easy user interface-offers a variety of items-wider range of payment platforms-charges a ver high fee for users-does not accept emails-it cannot be easily customised.

Pos systems are well known for the tasks they perform which assist the owner of a business to manage their business with great ease.

Some of these tasks performed include;

  • Generation of sales reports. The core feature for any type of business is its sales. How much profits does the business generate daily then weekly,monthly,annually. And which parts incur expenses that bring losses to the business. With an understanding of the cash flow of a business,the owner is able to plan ways to invest his money in sectors that generate more profits and decide where to cut off his spending.
  • Tracking payments.customers opt to pay for their goods differently. Some may use cash while others prefer debit and credit cards. Whenever customers pay,a receipt is generated by a receipt printer. This provides the business with information on which payment options is mostly preferred by customers and how to improve it. 
  • Keeping of inventory.Proper inventory keeping is the key to a great management system. It ensures work is done in order and on time. 
  • Ease in managing staff members.These systems help in managing the organisational structure as each employee is assigned a task. These systems also help in generating pay rolls that facilitate the paying up of employees.

In conclusion,we can all agree that pos systems have made work so much easier by reducing the workload. Check out POS systems found in kenya. the top best pos system in Kenya

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