Optical Mice vs. Laser Mice

A computer mouse is a gadget that allows you to move the pointer around the screen. The optical mouse and laser mouse have replaced the original traditional computer mouse. To help you determine which sort of computer mouse is suitable for you, we made a comparison between optical mice and laser mice.

Despite the fact that the internal technology of optical mice and laser mice varies, the common user may not perceive the difference. When deciding between an optical mouse and a laser mouse, pricing used to be an issue, but the price difference has shrunk.

Other variables may influence your decision, such as whether certain applications or conditions necessitate certain functionalities. Hardcore gamers may require a mouse with additional features. If you require versatility, choose a mouse that works on any surface.

Technology: What’s Different Between Optical and Laser Mice?

The types of technologies used to track movement differ between optical and laser mice. The illumination source for the optical mouse is an LED light. The laser mouse, as the name implies, works using a laser.

Optical mice have a resolution of roughly 3,000 pixels per inch (dpi), while laser mice have a resolution of 6,000 to 15,000 pixels per inch (dpi). Laser mice track more dots per inch and are more responsive since they have a higher dpi. This may have been a problem in the past, but the ordinary user is unlikely to notice.

Gamers and graphic artists, on the other hand, may notice the change and prefer a laser mouse or a specialist mouse.

Surfaces: How Do Laser and Optical Mice Differ?

In most cases, an optical mouse just detects the surface of the surface it’s on, such as a cloth mouse pad. The laser light, on the other hand, sees deeper and is more receptive to crests on a surface.

A laser mouse’s sensitivity has a disadvantage. It’s susceptible to acceleration or speed-related accuracy variation. The pointer on the screen should return to its original place if you swiftly run your mouse over its mouse pad and gently bring it back to its original position. If it doesn’t, the mouse will accelerate.

Optical mice are less sensitive than laser mice, so they can’t be used on as many surfaces, but they’re less susceptible to acceleration.

An optical mouse works nicely on a mouse pad or other non-glossy surface. A laser mouse may be used on any flat surface. A laser mouse is recommended if you plan to use your mouse on shiny surfaces.


If you’re torn between an optical and a laser mouse, the good news is that you can’t go wrong with either. Previously, laser mice were more expensive, but the price difference has lessened. The dpi of optical mice is lower, but this isn’t noticeable to the ordinary user.

Both sorts of mice work well, but different brands and models may appeal to different applications. Choose a laser mouse if you wish to use your mouse on a range of surfaces. If your mouse pad is comfy, go with an optical mouse.

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