Monitor mounting

Monitor mounting

Computer monitor mounting depends on the provided environment and the mode of application.


Desktop monitors typically have provided holding stands by manufacturing company that holds them to the preferred and desirable position for good ergonomically viewing height. The attachment of the stands to the monitors can be enabled by different adaptable mounting methods that include;

  1. VESA ( Video Electronics Standard Association) standard mount

VESA also is known as the Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) for its family-defined standards to the Video Electronics association. VESA comprises 4 threaded holes that are placed on the back of the display and mate to an adapter bracket.

  1. Panel mount

When mounting a panel mount computer monitor a flat surface should be put into consideration and a slightly protruding display unit front. The mounting could also be on the panel rear. The top, bottom, and side are flanged to allow the mount. The difference between this and the rack mount is that rack has flanges only on the sides. This too has to be screwed to enable and maintain firm mounting. Often than not, water-tight seals are provided by a gasket on the front, and back panel to disable dirt and water contamination.

  1. Rackmount

This monitor availability is in two different styles intended for a 19-inch rack-mount.


A fixed mount monitor is directly mounted with an at all times visible LCD. The unit height is 9U and 8U common in perfectly fitting 19-inch or 17-inch LCDs. The front of the unit is flanged to mount and has screw holes to firmly mount the monitor in a ‘fixed’ way. While displaying environmental broadcasts, smaller display units are on the sub.


The unit height is 1U, 2U, and 3U to fit 19 inched monitors. The unit slides into a storage rack that allows the folding down of the display.  The unit’s display creates a keyboard video monitor (KVM).


Open Frame

This monitor brings about monitor LCD supporting enough structures and hold on to electronics associated to lowly offer LCD support. Protection and support require an external structure unit to provide the attachment. A good example of an inside mounted display is an arcade video game. Usually, there is an open frame display that lightly gives a protective enclosure. Some manufacturing guys take up desktop displays, split them apart, and through away the plastic covers and reuse the inner electric parts to develop a new product in their name.

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