Mobile apps and how they operate.

Introduction to mobile apps and how they operate.

On this article you will get to know Before the invention of smartphones,there were no mobile apps.Even after the introduction of smart phones,mobile apps were introduced about 20 years later.The first phone call to be made from a smartphone was made by Dr Joel Engel.A guy named Simon later on invented mobile apps.He invented an app by the name EPOC  that was used to operate other apps such as word,spreadsheets,database and diaries.The apps continued to be further modified to fit on devices such as androids and ios.


In the generation we are currently live in,i don’t think there is anyone who has never come across an app and if they haven’t they must have used it unknowingly.Toddlers as young as 2 years old are familiar with these apps.It is even more surprising that some kids learn how to use apps even before they learn how to speak.So for those who are not aware of applications and how they operate,here is how. First of all,one may ask themselves what a mobile app is and what instances are they used for.Well, we use mobile apps for different reasons for instance ordering a burger from a restaurant,calling a cab to pick and drop you,downloading your favourite music audios and videos,learning how to read and write.I can mention over a million reasons why we need apps and why we use them. In order to have an app on your android or ios phone/tablet,you could download it from the playstore of the device you are using.So we can basically say that the first step of having an app is by downloading it.This is done by typing the name of the app you want,click on search then letting it download till completion..You can also open and operate different types of applications on a device at the same time.Upon satisfaction,one could just uninstall the device.


  1. Native applications. These types of apps only operate in the devices they were intended to be used.For instance, an application created for iOS cannot be operated by an android device.
  2. Different web platform are used in creating these types of applications egJavascript,HTML5
  3. Web applications. These apps are usually downloaded using links(URLs).They normally act in the same way as native applications.
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