What Is the Difference Between a Pallet Jack & a Forklift?

 Difference Between a Pallet Jack & a Forklift

Pallet jacks and forklifts make moving and lifting much easier. While both are durable and reliable, they each offer their own set of advantages for various sorts of loads. what’s the difference between these two pieces of equipment? Kenya’s trusted forklift dealer,  breaks down each.

Pallet Jack vs. Forklift

Pallet Jack


Pallet jacks are essential pieces of kit to possess available for moving and lifting goods in warehouses. Durable and low maintenance, pallet jacks are best fitted to lightweight, pallet-sized loads, with a maximum weight limit of about 3,500 kg.

forklift dealerThey are cost-effective and don’t got to be fueled or recharged to figure. Pallet jacks are hand-pumped by a trained operator behind the lift on the bottom or on the rear footings. the utmost lift height is usually just above the bottom to form movement easier. they’re also compact enough to be stored in smaller spaces.

Pallet jacks are best indoors and move efficiently over smooth concrete floors. Although not as versatile as a forklift, they are doing make daily tasks easier and may lift pallets onto low shelves and racks.



An important piece of strong equipment for your warehouse or construction site may be a forklift. This machine is that the best choice for moving and lifting heavy loads or transporting products to higher locations. they’re more efficient and powerful than a pallet jack, which makes them safer for bulky or tall lifting.

Due to their high-reaching capabilities, especially for heavier loads, indoor electric or gas-powered forklifts are an important tool for freeing up floor space and creating paths for other equipment and workers at the power. These machines can navigate tight spaces and around corners to form maneuvering throughout the warehouse much easier.

They are also great for outdoor projects; gasoline or diesel models are the well-liked choice for construction sites since they will negotiate rough terrains and heavy loads simultaneously. Operators must be trained and authorized to use forklifts safely both indoors and outdoors.

Because of their power and size, they take up more room than a pallet jack and are a much bigger investment. Many forklift dealers, however, offer leasing options, which helps you budget your costs. to seek out the simplest one for your needs, discuss available forklift rentals like four-wheel, three-wheel, and reach styles.

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