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Best Trencher hire in Kenya

Are you looking for affordable trencher for hire in Kenya? We understand that hiring affordable trencher can be a challenge and sometimes time consuming. At Nextgen Solutions we have affordable trencher for hire ready to dig trenches. Also we will help you to find the best trench digging machine. Whether you’re cutting through hard rock or installing a fiber optic cables, we have a trenching solution to meet your need.

Types of trenchers for hire

The trenchers are generally available in two types.

  • Chain trenchers
  • Wheeled trenchers

Chain trenchers

Chain trencher contains a fixed arm called boom. This is where the digging chain is arranged. Its chain is very hard and consists sharp tooth. The depth to be excavated is managed by adjusting the angle of the boom.Also wheeled vehicles are available for smaller chain trenchers. And the larger chain trenchers are available in tracked form.

trencher for hire in kenya

Wheeled trenchers

For this one the toothed metal is used. The wheeled trenchers is available in wheeled and tracked form of vehicles. It’s used to cut harder soil strata and to cut pavement. When compared wheeled trencher is better than the chain trencher economically.

trencher for hire in kenya

Our Trencher Services

Whether it’s fiber optic cables, irrigation line or any other installation needed. Our trencher machine is equipped for any Job. We have the ability to work on any terrain and site. The intuitive design of the trencher allows ease of movement through tough terrain.

Features of Our Trencher for Rental

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy handling

Cost of Hiring Trencher in Kenya

 You could be wondering “what is the cost of hiring trencher in Kenya? Well there are many factors that determine the cost of hiring the trencher. To get your answer for the pricing information, kindly click on the Request a Quote from and fill in the form and tell us when, where you need the trencher and the type of work need done. You can also call as directly on 0706731791/0737678617 or email us on

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Trencher Hiring and Rental Services in Kenya Near you

You could be wondering. “Can I get a trencher for hire near me”? Yes you can as we provide trencher hiring services across the country.

Contacts us today for affordable trencher for hire in Kenya on 0706731791 or Email us on

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