MacBook Pro VS Dell XPS 9570

MacBook Pro VS Dell XPS 9570

MacBook Pro VS Dell XPS 9570 Both of these laptops are the current generation with super specs and top notch efficiency. Dell and Mac are considered good for their hacking and DJing abilities.

  1. Dell XPS 9570

Weigh approximately 4 pounds taking up a large desk surface. It displays a 15.6 inch screen. Do not allow the fact that this is an eighth generation blind you it encloses i7 8750H Intel core CPU, 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. This storage enables fast run, multitasking and high performance. You don’t require a wired connectivity with this model.

Professionally and unprofessionally, this laptop operates with a 2.20GHz speed. Dell XPS comes with a silver radiant look and a battery life of up to 6 hours during intense and continuous browsing and gaming. Did you know you could watch movies on the windows operating system media player on Airplane mode? Regrettably the webcam is placed below instead of above the screen display. A poor webcam placement gives an unrealistic view for the main and concentrated part is the chin and the nostrils. Graphics, videos and photo editors are privileged to have a development as such for its touch screen enables fast, furious, efficient and effective end product.


  1. A lasting battery life
  2. Inconvoluted aesthetics
  3. Portable with meticulous performance
  4. A marvelously stunning touch the screen display


  1. Poor webcam positioning
  2. Slow SSD writing speed

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