MacBook Air MI

MacBook Air MI

Apple MI Chip

Engrossed in a sixteen billion transistors MI chip integrate GPU, CPU singularly. With a process tech of 5nm this model offers marvelous performance without the need to offer hardly the power efficiency. This laptop is designed into four categorized extensive performance cores each featuring a singular task and enabling multithreaded workloads. Four more low-performance cores work lighter in help of 1/10 power still with fast performance delivery. A MacBook Air MIs performance is 3.5 times efficient and fast compared to all the past generations and maintaining still the same battery life.

13.3” Retina IPS Display

13.3” Retina IPS display offers pixels four times those of HD display and a display color 48% upgrades in contrast to the previous generations. The bezel thins 50 % more than they were previously due to the displays that pierce through the screen edge. To balance the temperate color of the light surrounding a white balance has been automatically adjusted by true tone technology. This tech provides a naturally viewing exposure for editing and designing workflows and normal computing tasks.

Touch ID

A MacBook Air MI possesses an advanced security detail called a touch ID sensor. All you have to do is place your prints against the sensor and your device unlocks immediately. Not only does the sensor unlock the device but also it access secure and locked documents, system settings, and notes.

Magic keyboard

This magic keyboard delivers a 1mm travel key through a scissor mechanism. There is Esc physical key also inverted ‘T’. Touch ID put together with the magical keyboard enables accuracy, comfortability, and efficiency in typing experience.

Thunderbolt 3 with the support of USB4

Thunderbolt 3 refers to an interface hardware utilizing USB C reversible connector. Two times its predecessor’s speed, when paired to work with compatible gadgets Thunderbolt 3 creates an extensive throughput of forty GBs.

Software features

Juxtaposed with the other past generations, MacBook Air MI is formidable. What can it do?

  • Transport images from lightroom double the normal speed.
  • It can stretch video calls and face time double the normal time on a single charge.
  • This laptop is exclusive for you can watch as much and still maintain an 18 hour battery life.
  • 5 times as fast in cot pro finale this MacBook can integrate 3D graphic effect into videos.


Generally, this laptop could be considered an all desired features in one from how fast it can go to how lightweight it is making it easily portable and how it gratifies the user.

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