iPhone repair services in Nairobi Kenya

Are you trying to find professional iPhone repair services in Nairobi Kenya? Look no further as at Nextgen Solutions we provide  iPhone repair services in Nairobi Kenya at very affordable prices. We’ve well trained technician who have well experienced to handle any issue with your iPhone.

You could be wondering “if you’ll get iPhone repair services near you? Yes as we will as we will pick your phone from your premises have it repaired and returned back to you. Call us today on +254 706 731 791  for the best iPhone repair services in Nairobi, Kenya.

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iPhone Screen Replacement

iPhone Repair services in Nairobi,Kenya Screen replacement

You might not want to undertake to try to the iPhone screen replacement job by yourself because it may be a very critical process and involves tons of steps that require to be followed before your iPhone device becomes completely safe and harmless. During this case, we’ve a team of certified iPhone phone repair experts and engineers who work completely professionally.

 IPhone Battery Replacement


Our expert team of certified Apple iPhone repair engineers does all types of battery replacement and repair. We’ll replace the battery of any model of the Apple iPhone which you’ll bring back our notice with the first one from the manufacturers that Apple gets their batteries from. Through our services, we confirm that we are the simplest mobile service center in Kenya for iPhone.

iPhone repair services in Nairobi Kenya   IPhone Battery Replacement

iPhone Charging Port Replacement

If you’re assuming that there’s a drag together with your iPhone device’s charging port. To verify this, you ought to get your iPhone device inspected by certified iPhone phone repair experts and engineers in Kenya. At Nairobi, we offer full mobile iPhone inspection and any faulty part replacement services at very affordable price.

 IPhone  Repair Battery Replacement Nairobi,Kenya

iPhone Power Button Repair

What happens if your iPhone device’s power button is damaged? Having trouble together with your iPhone device’s power button is extremely difficult because turning your phone on and off wouldn’t be really possible. During this situation we are happy to assist you to repair or replace your iPhone power button.

iPhone repair services in Nairobi Kenya Power Button Repair

IPhone Volume Button Repair

In case, if the quantity button or volume rocker on your iPhone device gets damaged, then you wouldn’t be ready to increase and reduce the quantity of your iPhone phone. We propose you to exchange the faulty volume rocker button as soon as possible. We repair and replace volume button at a really affordable price.

iPhone Home Button Repair

Many people that use those iPhones may need to encounter the matter of not having the ability to utilize the functions of the house button if it gets damaged. The house button of an iPhone just doesn’t have one but multiple functions, just like the home button, is merely the fingerprint sensor in iPhones. Please contact us for home button repair.

iPhone Silent Button Repair

Like all other buttons on a mobile, the silent button isn’t a button which you discover altogether the mobile devices. Only in iPhones and a couple of other smartphones you’re getting to find this button. We repair iPhone silent button at our workshop.

iPhone Earpiece Replacement

Are you facing faulty iPhone earpiece issue? You, however, can use an earphone as an alternate for calling and taking note of the voice of the opposite person. This won’t be a really hassle-free solution to most of the people. Carry an earphone everywhere might not be the permanent solution for you. You would like to exchange the faulty part to avoid any longer damage of you motherboard.

iPhone Speaker Replacement

The iPhone speaker repair is again one among the common problems within the mobile phones which you would possibly need to face. At our workshop we affect any quite speaker issues. We repair any faulty speaker or replace it with Apple certified OEM parts.

iPhone Microphone Replacement

If your iPhone microphone gets damaged then you can’t ready to communicate using it. You’d only be ready to utilize the decision feature of the phone by using an earphone only. Carrying an earphone might not possible everywhere. We propose immediate replacement of damaged microphone.

iPhone Back Camera Replacement

If the camera of your phone only will get damaged then you’ll probably lose one among the simplest things in your mobile device. We replace any faulty camera components with OEM part. Book a technician for correct phone inspection and repair.

iPhone Front Camera Replacement

Just like the back camera problem, if you’ve got a front camera problem together with your iPhone device then you’re also sure to lose another cool feature of your phone. At Nairobi we fix any quite Apple iPhone front camera issue with the assistance of certified technicians. Book a technician from our live portal.

iPhone Liquid Damage Service

The liquid damage indicator of the Samsung phones are often read by an expert, who can say on what extent your Samsung has been damaged by the liquid. At Nairobi we’ve certified Samsung repair experts and engineers who will do this for you if you book us.

iPhone Headphone Socket Repair

Most people lately face the difficulty of getting their earphones or headphones damaged and there’s no real technique to repair it. Using headphone jack for too repeatedly can damage headphone connector jack. We replace faulty headphones with Apple certified OEM part at our center.

iPhone Vibration Repair

If you employ vibration on your iPhone and if you’re wont to it, it’s going to be very frustrating if your phone stops vibrating for no apparent reason. At our workshop we fix any iPhone model vibration issue. Contact us for more details about our services.

iPhone Antenna Replacement

If you get this antenna problem in your iPhone then it are often a very difficult situation to be in as you won’t be connected to either of the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or the other cellular network. There are high chances that your iPhones’ antenna bands or antenna cables defect and you’ve got to urge it replaced by certified service center.

iPhone Back Housing Replacement

The phone back housing could also be affected thanks to reluctant and really much use of iPhone phones in your stiff hands. This will also happen if your iPhone device has been slipped from your hands and brought an honest blow. At our center we replace any iPhone model back house cover at very affordable price.

iPhone Diagnostic Service

Diagnostic services are tasks or procedures that are built into the firmware/software applications running within the embedded system with the first purpose of providing health, status, and behavior information to the developers. We offer iPhone diagnostic services at very affordable price. IPhone Software Issue

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