Introduction to Website design.

Introduction to Website design.

On this article you will get Introduction to Web design. Website design simply refers to the act of designing a website browser to be used either on a desktop,phone or tablet. Some of the most common websites around the globe include,,,

Principle of a good website design.

A website designer focuses on the following principles when creating a website.
  1. The purpose of the website.

A web designer should ensure that the website they have created fits the needs of the end users.The website  should be able to describe the professional level of the services,create a good name for itself,give the customer leads on where to locate the services and ensure the services reach the end user safely.
  1. The simplicity of the website.

The website should be simple to use even for first time users.The design should be simple in terms of the color,typefaces and the imagery used. The color should be able to compliment the use of the website.The typeface should communicate the brand and should exist in 3 different font types.The imagery used should be able to express the spirit of the company.
  1. Navigation system.

This is the system that enables the user to find whatever they are searching for.If the navigation system makes it difficult for the user to locate,they leave it and go look for another website that is easier to use. 
  1.   F-shaped pattern reading.

This makes it easier for the user to spot the topic of the website.
  1.   Visual Hierarchy.

            This enables the user to know which information is more important than the other.It is done in a hierarchical manner by listing down the contrast of the text,the size of the text,the imagery used,the texture and style of the text etc.
  1.   Content

            The web designer should be very creative and be able to create content that attracts the user.
  1. Grid based layout.

            The grid is divided into different sections that separate the content and make it easy for the user to spot.
  1.   Load Time.

              The website created should be able to load in a small span of time otherwise it will discourage the user. 
  1.   Mobile Friendly

              The website should be easily used by all types of users.Whether Android or ios. Introduction to Web design.
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