Here’s a fast how-to to form your smartphone work smarter not harder, and assist you make that data allowance go further so you’ve got enough to observe that essential cat video! Read also about mobile app development in Kenya

  1. Hook up with Wi-Fi once you can

Firstly, to make sure Wi-Fi is turned on, go to: Settings – Wi-Fi.

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Most places freely advertise their Wi-Fi password on menus or blackboards, but if they do not, just ask. If you’ve got connected to their Wi-Fi before, then your phone will commit it to memory and connect automatically once you are in range. There’re also some great apps to assist you discover where free Wi-Fi is found near you, e.g. “Free Wi-Fi Map” and “Free Wi-Fi Finder”.

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Potential Savings: 250MB/month

This saving assumes you employ your local coffee shop’s Wi-Fi 3 times every week for 20 minutes of social media browsing whenever instead of using your mobile data.

  • close up mobile data on unnecessary applications & update them through Wi-Fi

A lot of apps use mobile data but likelihood is that you simply need mobile data running on a get few apps all the time, like messaging apps and social media apps. A good rule of thumb is that any app where you do not get to receive notifications probably doesn’t need mobile data all the time. Updating applications also can be an enormous data guzzler as most apps are tens or many MB in size. If you’ve got multiple apps that download automatically over your mobile data it can eat away at your data very quickly.

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Here’s the way to limit the mobile data to the select apps you would like to use when you are not connected to Wi-Fi:

Settings – Cellular Data – Scroll through apps – Toggle mobile data off on unnecessary applications.

Here’s How-to restrict apps to update through Wi-Fi only:

Settings – iTunes & App Stores – Use cellular data – Off

Potential Savings:

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 375MB/month375MB/Month savings assumes fifteen 25MB application updates run over Wi-Fi instead of over your mobile data connection.

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  • close up Wi-Fi Assist

Apple’s “Wi-Fi assist” will automatically use mobile data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor to stay connected.

While this is often a pleasant feature intended to enhance your browsing experience, it are often hard to inform if your phone is using mobile data or Wi-Fi with this feature turned on.

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To be safe, start with Wi-Fi assist off:

Settings – Cellular – Scroll to bottom – Wi-Fi Assist – Off If your applications aren’t working properly then switch Wi-Fi assist to on. Beside the on and off toggle you’ll see exactly what proportion data Wi-Fi assist has consumed while on.

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Potential Savings:

 100MB/month100MB saving will depend upon your access to reliable Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi assist data consumption will increase if you regularly move onto poor quality Wi-Fi networks. for more info on how to save your mobile data

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