How to import data in Quickbooks POS.

How to import data in Quickbooks POS.

Importing data refers to the process of transferring data from the book records into the POS system which is then stored in the server.Once the user imports the data into the quickbooks point of sale system,he can automatically edit the prices,quantities,orders by the help of the quickbook features.

There are two main methods used in importing data in quickbooks POS.

a. By using data import wizard.
The data import wizard enables the user to export data to other software applications.The data maybe a default data,a custom file or a vendor catalogue.For the default data the user simply copy pastes their data to the various sections on the template.Importing custom files only requires one to follow the instructions on the screen of the desktop.Vendor catalogues use templates that have been uniquely created to accept such data.
b. By directly importing from quickbooks desktop financial software.
Quickbooks POS automatically notifies the user to import the items or the quickbook vendor and customer details to the financial software.The user can select the files he wants to import and still edit them even after importing them.He can also select them and divide them into various fields dividing them with different descriptions.

Upgrading Quickbooks POS system.

Upgrading the POS is essential as it allows the user to explore the new features of Quickbooks which tend to make work much easier.The user may upgrade his POS to a better version and his data from the previous version will still remain recorded.The user is advised to upgrade each workstation POS at a time(for multiple workstations) after upgrading the main server.
The workstations that are not upgraded will not be able to access the new data.For the licenses,the user is advised to update their store exchange settings so that the workstation desktops can reflect the new license number.

To sum it up,there are 4 main parts of the POS that can be upgraded.

i. The server workstations.
ii. The client workstations.
iii. Upgrading payment accounts to the new quickbooks desktop POS.
iv. Upgrading your gift card account to a new quickbooks desktop POS.

Intergrating Quickbooks POS with financial software.

Quickbooks POS work hand in hand with financial softwares in helping the owner of the business keep track of how he purchases and receives goods from vendors,sales records,customer services and information and keep financial track records.The financial records may include employees payroll,financial reports,invoices,banking reports etc.
The data from the Quickbooks POS can be simply imported into the financial software.The user can simply select the files he wants to import to the financial software and they are automatically imported.

The requirements of intergrating POS and financial softwares.

i. There are two versions of Quickbooks POS a client can choose from ,Quickbook Pro and Quickbook Premier.
ii. Quickbooks desktop financial software company file set up and configured for exchange.
iii. A properly configured network with mapped drives.


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