How to Extend Your Laptops lifetime

The Internet is out and away the foremost flexible tool that’s ever existed. this can be even true for the common individual who may only use it for entertainment and light-weight research.

An issue that a lot of people encounter, though, is that the degradation of their computers over time. A once-blazing fast laptop may not leave the identical impression some years later.

Fortunately, though, you don’t need a brand-new machine to induce back in action.

So, are you able to upgrade a laptop? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a glance at everything you would like to grasp.

Why Do Computers Slow Down?

Anyone who’s owned a computer for over one or two of years understands that there’s an understandable difference between its current performance and its performance after they first bought it.

Computers prevent for one or two of reasons— some are preventable, some aren’t.

Let’s explore some of the foremost notable causes.


Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

All of your computer’s data is stored on a tough drive. While usurping an outsized percentage of accessible space on a tough drive can cause a slowdown, this scenario is well preventable.

Unfortunately, those that have machines that use magnetic disc drives rather than solid-state drives (SSDs) will likely experience decreased performance over time.

The main difference between the 2 forms of storage is that one makes use of moving parts while the opposite uses a processor. to raised put it into perspective, an SSD stores information within the same way a tablet or smartphone does.

HDDs will fail over time simply because of their parts wearing out. Before an entire failure occurs, you’ll experience slowdown along with your machine as your HDD takes longer to jot down data.


It’s no secret that viruses and malware can significantly impact the speed of your device. In fact, some viruses intentionally aim to prevent your computer’s processes while other operations occur within the background.

For example, your machine may become infected with a deadly disease that produces it nearly impossible to use. Since you can’t actively navigate through your computer’s files and unlimited cause an issue, the machine also has many time to scan and duplicate sensitive data, like bank info.

To further complicate things, some viruses are notoriously difficult to detect through conventional scanning methods. this might lead to users being unable to seek out the foundation reason behind the difficulty.

Insufficient Memory

If your computer doesn’t have enough memory, it’ll be difficult to run most programs. this can be very true for running multiple intensive programs without delay.

It’s important, though, to know the excellence between storage and memory.

Storage refers to where your files and knowledge are kept, which occurs on your drive. You’ll typically see laptops marketed as having one terabyte’s (TB) worth of storage.

The term memory refers to the available resources your laptop has while running programs. This value is often denoted as ‘RAM,’ which stands for ‘Random Access Memory.’

RAM is employed to store information for processes that are currently running and can fluctuate as programs are opened or closed. in contrast, storage only increases or decreases when files are added or deleted.

So, are you able to Upgrade a Laptop?

Fortunately, there are steps you’ll soak up order to maximize the longevity of your machine. Although a number of the problems could appear glaring initially, they’re often easier to mend than many folks first believe.

Here are some options you ought to confine mind.


Install a Solid-State Drive

As previously mentioned, having a standard disk drive will carry the danger of slowdown over time. You are, however, able to keep a copy the information from your current drive and install a solid-state into your computer.

You’ll then be able to restore your data onto your new drive, allowing you to drastically increase the performance of your machine.

If you decide on to travel this route, it’s recommended to put in a drive with more storage than the first so you’ll avoid having to scrub up your files within the near future.

Professional Virus Repair

Many viruses are often particularly nasty. Sometimes, you merely won’t be able to resolve matters using your computer’s anti-virus software.

They may be impossible to get rid of, or might not be ready to be detected the least bit.

In these scenarios, knowledgeable is that the best resource that you just have so as to assist you get things back on the right track. Since they’re experienced with every kind of malware and their effects, it’s unlikely that your situation are a few things they’ve never encountered before.

Additional Memory

If everything looks good regarding your computer’s disc drive and overall health, the difficulty is probably going an absence of RAM. this is often very true if your slowdown tends to peak when you’re running multiple programs simultaneously.

Upgrading a computer’s memory is one amongst the foremost common reasons why people seek professional assistance within the first place. The payoff for this endeavor is well well worth the investment.

In general, 4-8 gigabytes (GB) of RAM is suitable for general usage. But, you’ll likely need more if you run intensive programs like games, music production software, etc.

Upgrading Your Machine Can Seem Difficult
But it doesn’t should be.

With the above information to answer ‘can you upgrade a laptop’ in mind, you’ll be on your way toward making the choice that’s best for you.

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