How to choose a responsive web design.

How to choose a responsive web design.

On this article you will get to know  How to choose a responsive web design.

⦁ Set the viewport

The meta view port gives instructions to the device to use a font size that matches the device.The meta view port allows the website page to show the same results on all types of devices.An example is when a user logs into a website on a phone,the results are showcased on a single column and if the same website is checked on a tablet,the results may appear in two or more columns.

⦁ Ensure the viewport is accessible to the user.

The web designer should avoid using fetures that may hinder the user from zooming in and out of a website.Some of these features include user scalable,maximum and minimum scale.
⦁ Size content to the view port.
The web designer should ensure that the content is displayed on a single page.It should not force the user to scroll horizontally so as to find more content.

⦁ Images

The web designer should ensure that the image should not exceed the size of the view port.The imahe should have a small width and height so that the information displayed could be more visible than the image.

⦁ Layout

The content on the side bars should not exceed 200 pixels whereas the layout of the main content should not exceed 700 pixels.There are various modern CSS layout techniques used in designing websites for instance Flexbox,Grid layout and Multiple-column layout.
The multiple-column layout can fit content of different sizes into one column and using the same number of pixels.
Flexbox is ideal for content with different font sizes that need to be squuezed into a single row.
The CSS Grid layout separates the content with differents font sizes to the side bar and the main content.

⦁ Use CSS media queries for responsiveness.

CSS media queries enables the developer to make changes to the layout of the content on the website.The changes are made to fit the device where the content is being displayed.They could change the features such as width,heigh and orientation.

⦁ Media queries based on viewport size

This one on the other hand enables the develo[[er to fix the changes on the view port so that th width,height,orientation and aspect ratio appears as it should be on the device.

⦁ Media queries based on device capabilities

They test some of the features on different devices such as the hover,pointer,any-hover and any-pointer.
⦁ The website developer should test the viewport using breakpoints.Breakpoints help him to determine the minimum and maximum point of viewing the content.The content should be well displayed in small and large gadgtes.Once they fit on devices and they are well displayed that is marked as the breakpoint.

The website development team comprises of

⦁ Web designer is responsible for coming up with the website design.
⦁ Web developers work hand in hand with web designers to build and create websites.
⦁ Web Ethical hacker prevent other hackers from interfering with the systems.
⦁ Web server administrator Content writer.They perform tasks related to the website such as configurations,security and managing the multiple browsers.
⦁ User Interface designer simply designs the devices/hardware components of the website such as mobile devices and computers.
⦁ Flash developer uses the Adobe flash software and the action script programming language to design and programme the websites.
⦁ 2D/3D Interactive Developers
⦁ Mobile web app developers they create websites that can be used as mobile apps.
⦁ photographer-Taking pictures/videos at launches for instance.
⦁ Web tv and Radio technicians are responsible for installing,testing and repairing the web whenever they encounter a problem.

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