How to be a creative app developer.

How to be a creative app developer.

On this article you will get to learn How to be a creative app developer. We are living in a very competitive world and everyone is looking for a way to make a living.App developers are one of the most creative people in the world.They create solutions to problems that human beings encounter.For example,they create a fun base for people through entertainment apps such as Tiktok,Instagram,Spotify.They also create a platform for entrepreneurs to advertise their products such as Amazon and our very own Jumia app. Therefore app developers need to explore their creativity in the best way possible.So as an app developer,what must one consider before building an app that will distinguish it from other apps?

1.They should be flexible to changes and be able to cope with the risks that arise.

-An app developer with a fixed mind is likely to experience a lot of hardships.They all experience hardships but an app developer who focuses his objective on delivering to the target audience and not maximising profits alone is more likely to adjust if the market does not correspond as he expected. -Yes,they all create these apps to earn money,but what if it fails will the mission end?So this means they have to be persevering and have a positive mind always and give their best.
  1. They should conduct thorough research before developing an app.

-Before building any app,one must ask themselves how the users will respond to it.We are blessed to be living in an era where people connect easily through social media.People express themselves more on the social media platforms hence it is easy to read the mind of the users and know what they want and then create an app that caters for those needs. -One could also review the challenges experienced by their competitors and use them as their strength.This could be done by developing a better algorithm or rather having a very strong support team that responds to the users whenever they give their feedback.

3.Creating an app with better features.

-These features are what form the functionality of the app.If  you create an app with features that are not compatible with the users,they will most likely dislike the app.For instance an app with colorful themes is more attractive than one with no/plain themes.It should be simple to use,have a greater surfing speed for instance torrents for downloading movies,be safe and secure for the user,give the user notifications. -Apps with such kinds of features are very popular, thus they are always on the top of the list of apps to download.


Creating a mobile app is a very complex procedure that needs a lot of time to evaluate before enacting the idea otherwise the app developer will have poured his money down the drain.
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