Gigabyte Aorus 17

Gigabyte Aorus 17

This is a great performing laptop that hikes in huge refresh display rates and a wonderful keyboard. Woefully this laptop is disadvantaged in having extensive trackpads that is finicky to the user and a heavy DC jack residing up at the mouse rightful place. The brightness of this laptop is hitched lower than average. This laptop seems a little crippled in the editing department for it’s less than Intel core i9 and its graphics fall on the lesser category.

Features and Specifications

This laptop is quit a gaming preference for its CPU of Intel core i7 -12700H and a GPU of NVidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. Gigabyte Aorus 17 packs a RAM of 32 GB, capacity storage of 1 TB, 17.3 inch display screen and a 360 Hz refresh rate.

Trackpads and keyboards

This laptops keyboard is not only sustaining in the gaming department but also in the other entire keys requirement. With natural spacing and numpads this keyboard could rule in the spreadsheet and number frequencies.

The touch pad however is excess. It takes up much space and consumes much of the hand surface. This makes it hard for typing without multiple sidetracks of cursor movements unknowable once the hand brush over the tackpad.

Audio Subsystem

This laptop hosts a great sound system for music and podcast preferences. The ears can withstand the bass however the highs and mids comes off strong. Above 75% of volume all sounds distorts and become hard to bear.


In the past having a bezel less screen meant having an awkwardly place camera. However with this laptop that still withholds its thin screen and has a camera protruding at the lip of the top display.

Acoustics and Build quality

This laptop is encased in a matted motherboard that most might not find premium like aluminum and magnesium, however it’s more excellent for it is not hot to the touch in comparison to those metallic ones.

Aorus build is solid and firm therefore enabling a tight holds of both the keyboard and touch pad. This is consistent even on vigorous and savage typing. Multiple ports are lined up on both computer sides. From Thunderbolt ports to USB ports this laptop holds a lot of plugging and necessary ports.


Not only is the display screen mega but it also is a rocket league experience except from the disappointing brightness that turns out dim in contract to most laptops. That brightness can be good to the eye for users that prefer low light however is it not better to give that light adjustment power to the user?


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