Fixing a broken laptop keyboard

Fixing a broken laptop keyboard

A laptop keyboard is one of the major components controlling the activities of a laptop. If broken not only can it be difficult to fix but also frustrating.

Nextgen solution walks you through tips for enabling it to work as required after the breakage.

Several causes of a broken keyboard

Though most fabrications have proven the basis to be hardware, the software can also cause breakages. Demonstrated below are some common causes;

  1. Motherboard

The link between the laptop motherboard and keyboard could be loose, broken or damaged thus causing no response upon typing.

  1. Driver

Each keyboard has a driver and a previous keyboard driver would interfere with the current keyboards efficiency.

  1. Setting sensitivity

Some setting updates may change or appear incorrectly. You may punch a key once however, it appears twice or three times on the screen.

  1. Liquid spills and hidden dirt

Caution should be high notched when taking food or drinks subsequent to your laptop. Spills are sticky causing the keyboard to jam.


Fixing it


Get a clean cloth and wipe out any buildup dust and dirt from your keyboard generally. Slant your laptop vertically and lightly blow the remaining dirt out.

Take out the battery

When the battery overheats, all keys working over it tend to jam. It is advisable to remove the battery and let the laptop run directly from the charging cord. This will come in handy not only while saving the keyboard but also in cooling the computer.

 The motherboard reconnection

Rather than envisaging yourself as an expert in computer mends, you should consult an informed person in computer engineering services. At Nextgen, we provide repairs for broken computers or anything.


Just a look and touch can help identify a hardware malfunction; the same cannot be said for software. In case of a software glitch, below are some tips that could prove useful:

 Change settings or update keyboard drivers

Your Dell and HP gadgets having issues? Reinstall drivers after uninstalling it to fix the keyboard.


Change keyboard layout

The keyboard layout could have been accidentally changed causing your keys to produce different letters in contrast with the typed keys. The laptop language can reset the layout.


  • Punch the start menu then settings and to the time and language.
  • On the language, select your preferred option.
  • Add a keyboard on the keyboard section hereby finalizing you layout change.

NOTE: If nothing works, then the damage is severe like malware infection which can be sorted by a specialist.

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