Features of a good office chair.

Features of a good office chair.

On this article you will get to know the Features of a good office chair.Office chairs have different features which perform different functions.The features functionalities depends with the type and the design of the seat.Here are some of the general features of all office chairs.


A backrest is either combined with the seat or separated from the seat.If the backrest is separated from the backseat it can be easily adjusted both forward and backwards to support the lumbar back spine.Once the backrest has been adjusted,it has a lock mechanism that holds it into place.It should have a width of approximately 12-19 inches in width.

2.Adjustable seat height(Swivel tilt).

The pneumatic lever of the chair should be easily adjusted to a height that suits the user.Adjusting the seat height to a height of about 16-21 inches will help the user keep his thighs parallel and feet flat on the floor.The arms remain rested on the arm rest which is level to the floor surface.

3.Seat pan characteristics.

This is a feature of the office chair that enables the user to keep his thigh at a 90 degrees angle.In short it is where the user seats on.The seat pan should atleast be able to cover three quater of the thighs.

4.Strong seat fabric.

The material making the office chair seat should be strong and durable.The material shold be stuffed with padding to make it more comfortable while seating on andlying backwards.


The Arm rests help in providing support to the chair by offering a platform for the user to rest his/her hands.The weight of the user is transferred from the neck to the shoulders then the arms which get relaxed on the seat and help relieve stress.The armrest should be about 5-8 inches tall and 4-8 inches above the seat.

6.Stability of the office chair.

The stability of a chair depends with its design.People tend to feel tired faster when they sit in the same position for long hours.Due to the diverse technological inventions,people nowadays have switched to using exercise balls that are about 65 cm high.The exercise ball has been reported to help the user archieve a better posture and increase his comfort.


These office chair wheels help the user to move around with ease.Office chair casters help the user to move around without necessarily standing up.He/she also moves around at a fast rate as compared to walking around the office.

8.Seat sliders.

This is a lever on the office chair seat that enables the user to adjust the proximity between the seat and the back to offer a better posture to the user.A good office chair should have a seat slider so that even if the user seats on it for long hours,he/she will still remain comfortable as well as maintain his bone structure.

10.Light weight

The office chair should not be too heavy to lift as you move around.People clean offices quite oftenly therefore the office chairs should not make it hard for the cleaner to move it around single handedly otherwise it will cause a lot of disruptions and interfer with the work.



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