Examples of Applications

Examples of Applications

Applications are software classes designed for the peoples use. This is in contrast from primary systems meant to control, implement automations and process data that unnecessarily require user interface. Below are some application examples;

  1. Web

This is a world wide software platform that dominates the info space and documents web various resources therefore having an internet access via web browser. Immeasurably, the World Wide Web (www) is a primary tool that connects billions of users to internet interactions.

  1. Apps

Singularly functioning applications also known as apps, are mobile devices’ light weighing tools. They include; Google- for information search, whatsup messenger- for communication purposes, youtube- for video and film watch and follow ups and many more each holding its functions.

  1. Design and creativity

Creative video production and music synthesizers as creative produced software.

  1. Office productivity

Production and management of software i.e. word processor.

  1. Software development

Environmental and platform developed tools for software creation.

  1. Management

Monitoring the control and the implementation of tools. This is a technician’s platform used to manage turbines wildly.

  1. Work flow

This is a processed business term that principally needs human attention. This app interface allows the provision of data and the outline of tools that enable the completion of tasks.

  1. Decision support

This involves the exploration and analysis of data tools as a singular analytical platform.

  1. Information and knowledge

Information managing tools e.g. sales enable users have customer access to data.

  1. Media and games

Entertainment designed software engage in streaming and gaming.

  1. Robotics

Although a robot is viewed in a physical form, it is designed in a software. This is machines autonomous.

  1. Automation

This software work in the automation works like manufacturing tasks and business processing.

  1. Artificial intelligence

This is software that improves itself and learn.

  1. Algorithms

Algorithm is a generic term owned by software that enables problem solving implying rigorous design held the most known solution solving.

  1. Markets and ecommerce

This commercially transacted like ecommerce and stock exchange software design.

  1. APIs and Libraries

This software is a blockage build between other software’s.

  1. Drivers

Sensor and network cards operating devices in software forms are drivers.

Information technology (IT) refers to a structural set manual for computer operation.

Widely software has been developed and will keep on being developed for various tasks and in different designs. Fortunately, connection will be a continuation job for us.

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