Disadvantages of Graphics Card

Disadvantages of Graphics Card

  1. Cost Graphics cards

usually pricy reckoning on the model. Higher the worth, kitchen utensil the performance of card are going to be. Even some laptops with dedicated graphics cards ar additional pricey than integrated graphics.
  1. Speed

Whenever there’s high resolution and colours, there’s continuously a performance result. this can be as a result of the system has to traumatize additional informations. because of this, the texts and icons will seem a lot of smaller.
  1. heating

As mentioned earlier graphics card consume additional power. Hence, monumental quantity of warmth is generated that overheats the gpu. but for countering this most of the graphics cards comes with 1-3 fans. These fans will quiet down the gpu to some extent.
  1. Weight Computers

, notably laptops become bulkier and significant if it’s having an infatuated graphics. it’s virtually not possible to search out immoderate skinny laptops nowadays with powerful graphics card.
  1. Power Consumption

A Graphics card consume additional power than the other device on your pc. It throughout will several process and calculations which needs numerous power. Therefore, it attracts additional power from the facility offer Unit. Check out the Best laptop for sale in Nairobi Kenya

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