Dell G3223D

Dell G3223D

  1. Mare glance

This device is advantaged to have powerful and extensive brightness in HDR and in SDR. Not only does it pose a compact and sturdy stand but it also excludes an excellent and stunning performance in the color department. Due to its connectivity that ranges widely, this device holds a type C USB port which is the current most port.

Broad compatibility and a refresh rate of 165Hz will be an extreme pro to the gaming department and creative creators for the high quality image production. Is your search being hindered by how much your pocket can carry? Well at a friendly price tag and enclosed with a pack of marvelous features, Dell G3223D will quench your thirst unconditionally.

  1. Specifications

Connectivity in Dell G3223D is what’s popping. With a type C USB port and an alternated mode Display port, the monitor is able to handle the highest refresh rate that add up to 165Hz. Usually gaming monitors exempt this fact. Dell officiates the support of Nvidia G sync and AMD Free Sync Premium. With a display of 32inches, 1440 by 2560 native resolution, IPL type of panel and a swivel, tilt and height adjustable stand this laptop is voted a great all around perfection. Regrettably the monitor goes for Ksh10, 000 more than all the others yet with a below average HDR.

  1. Design

The monitor is physically encased in black matted plastic subdued collection where by a few monitor rear vents crystalizes the fact it is in the gaming ballot. The linguistic design is common in this model’s mid-range and entry level. Investigations prove that this device is vehemently fabulous and not only by looks but on performance too.

With a hefty monitor stands; Dell G3223D maintains minimal vibrations when bumped. However portrait mode pivoting cannot be displayed.

  1. Image quality

This Dell model goes for Mid-price range of any laptop of its caliber meaning it is low consumer friendly. The offers of 389 nits of SDR brightness at the max enables this device result well and competes better than most similarly classified monitors. In darkness a reduction of brightness is necessary as a health safety measures but on sunny grounds the brightest of bright proves as an advantage. This model boos up the fact that high price is a superior performance guarantee.

If you are a large monitor seeker, this Dell model is a strong pick in exception of the fact that it has a disappointing HDR.

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