Steps of setting up and installing Quick books POS systems.

Connecting QuickBooks POS hardware.

How to Connect Quickbooks POS to hardware.QuickBooks POS hardware can only be purchased from intuit( or from a source whose hardware is compatible with the POS.The user should look out for requirements such as:

i. Before installing the hardware the user should ensure that the input ports of the desktop are correct for quickbooks installation.
ii. If the ports are not enough,the user can buy a powered USB port that is ideal for the device they are using.
iii. The user should make sure that they mark each port and the cable that does in it.If the ports are plugs are twisted while inserting in the port, the POS will not work.

Quickbooks Hardware Setup Wizard.

The Hardware set up wizard helps the user in setting up and configuring the hardware. Therefore, the user should not execute any action unless instructed by the hardware wizard.

How to set up the hardware.

i. Selecting the hardware tab that is located on the setup interview.
ii. Click on the set up button to set up each hardware individually. Then follow the instructions to configure each hardware system.
iii. If a hardware has not been set up, the user could simply go back to the hardware set up tab and click on the menu.
If the hardware stops working at any point,the user can use the hardware troubleshooter to know the cause of the malfunction and how to make it work again.

How to set up inventory on your POS.

Setting up your inventory helps the business owner in keeping track of the sales as well as saving time.

a. Planning.The first step of setting up inventory is planning the inventory.Proper planning helps one save a lot of time while entering data into the POS system.It also helps one to flexibly make changes to the prices of the goods and properly plan for purchasing of new goods.
b. Adding vendors into the system.The vendors details eg account numbers,contact numbers should be added to the POS alongside the goods they supply.This makes it easier for the business to make orders and payments.
c. Sales tax rates and charges.This is usually done during the initial stage of setting up the POS software.It includes information on sales tax codes,locations,the tax charge rate as well as the company where the tax is made to.
d. Importing data on items.The items should be uniquely identified by separating them depending on their size,price,description,attributes etc.The user simply selects the inventory menu then the name of the department followed by the name of the item.

How to install Quickbooks POS on Multi-store workstation.

Quickbooks POS installation on a multi-store workstation consists of a couple of client workstations and the main server workstation.Before starting any kind of installation,the user should make sure that all the computers are well connected and meet the criteria of the POS.
The user should also make sure they check the licensing of the POS during installation otherwise the system will cease working after a few days of being installed.The server workstation performs functions such as communicating with the client workstations,making sure the workstations are running with ease,storing data files and database.
The client workstation on the other hand programs files and helps access the business data.If the client workstation and the server workstation have different licenses they will have to be merged to enable both to work concurrently with each other.

How information is exchanged in multi-stores.

The main server which is normally located at the stores headquaters is responsible for controlling all the activities that happen in all stores.The headquater store is responsible for setting prices of goods,creating orders,exchanging data with quickbooks desktops,combining data from all stores and combining monthly and annual reports among other duties.How to Connect Quickbooks POS to hardware.


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