Chair Reupholstery Services

Chair repairs are an enormous a part of our business. We do everything from minor Chair Reupholstery Services including repairing cane chairs and antique chair repair, to full chair restoration including antique chair restoration.

Most chairs will need some kind of attention during their life time. Many older chairs start to urge a touch wobbly thanks to getting used on a daily basis. Most antique chairs were glued using animal based glues which tend to perish after a period of your time. Modern timber glues are more superior but chair repairs are still needed.

Chair Seat Repairs

Chair Reupholstery Services

Chair seating are some things that needs attention from time to time; reupholstering is one among the foremost popular sorts of seating. Chair reupholstery can provides a chair a replacement lease of life.

We can lookout of all of your chair reupholstery needs whilst restoring your chair.

Cane Chair Repair

Chair caning may be a sort of seating that has been around for many years.

Cane, or sometimes mentioned as rattan, is sourced and made in Indonesia & Malaysia. The cane comes from the hard shiny outer bark of the rattan or cane palm.

Hand Caning Services

Hand caned seating was a really popular method used for bentwood chairs. Michael Thune was one bentwood chair manufacturer that used cane chair seating extensively during a lot of his designs.

Hand caning may be a skill which will take a few years to find out and that we are happy to be ready to provide you with this chair re caning service.

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Sheet Cane Services

Chair caning using sheet cane may be a machine-made product sometimes mentioned as loom cane, chair cane webbing, pre-woven cane or pre woven rattan.

Lots of people ask how do I tell whether my chair must be hand caned or sheet caned. The solution is sort of simple, if you switch the chair over and you’ll see cane holes round the seat frame, this suggests its hand caned. If you cannot, then it’ll be sheet caned.

We provide both sheet and hand caning services.

Rush Seating Services

Rush chair seating has been around since the center Ages. Rush may be a readily available material that grows along waterways within the UK and Europe. The foremost common sorts of rush are the bulrush or European flat rush (red mace). Both sorts of rush are widely utilized in the repair of rush chairs but bulrush is our preferred material mainly due to availability.

We can replace your rush chair seat using traditional English and continental methods that are around for hundreds of years.

Paper Rush Seating Services

Paper rush, or sometimes referred to as fiber rush, is widely used as a substitute to real rush. An equivalent traditional methods are used on your rush chair and that we can make the papyrus look very on the brink of the important thing.

Danish Cord Seating Services

Danish cord seating is found on modern Scandinavian designed chairs. Designers like Hans Wagner used this method of seating extensively on his mid-20th century chair designs.

We can replace the Old Danish cord seat using an equivalent traditional methods utilized in the mid-20th century.

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