Causes of Water pollution.

Causes of Water pollution.

On this article you will get to know the Causes of Water pollution. There are different types of water pollutants which adversely affect the water, air and the living organisms within that particular environment. When water is contaminated, it becomes acidic and cannot be consumed by human beings otherwise will lead to waterborne diseases such as cholera.

i. Industrial Waste.

This is chemical waste, solid waste or toxic waste that is generated by industries then deposited into the water reservoirs. There are various types of waste generated by different industries for instance chemical manufacturers produce acid, solvents, reactive wastes.

The construction industry on the other hand produces heavy metals, paint waste and solvents. Once such kind of waste is deposited in the water, it kills the living organisms present in the water. The chemicals also mix with the water and raise the Ph levels of water thus making it unsafe for human consumption.

ii. Marine Dumping.

This is simply the dumping of waste into the sea. This waste can either be from a water vessel or an aircraft. There are various types of debris deposited into the sea such as plastic bottles and bags, cigarettes, glass, polystyrene, balloons among many others.

Sea animals may mistakenly confuse the plastics with food and consume them thus end up dying. Ocean pollution leads to air pollution as there is more carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide mixes with water and becomes acidic water which cannot be consumed by human beings.

iii. Sewage and wastewater.

Sewage is black or gray water from septic tanks. Septic tanks are used as storage systems for any kind of domestic waste. Once the domestic waste is deposited into the septic tank, the bacteria decomposes the organic material and gray water is released. Once the sewage mixes with clean water from rivers and lakes it contaminates the water making it unfit for drinking.

iv. Oil leaks and spills.

This is most common in lakes or water bodies that are near industries. Leakages can happen in marine equipment such as ships and ferries. When oil spills into the ocean or lake, it forms a thick sludge over the water since oil and water do not mix.

This sludge blocks oxygen from entering inside the water and depletes the sea animals their oxygen. The sludge also prevents light from penetrating into the water thus hinders the growth and feeding of plants. Water contaminated by oil spills cannot be consumed.

v. Agriculture.

There are various types of agricultural pollution which end up degrading the environment. For instance, the chemicals from fertilizers i.e nitrogen and phosphorous could seep in the water and contaminate it by making the water acidic. Soil erosion is another major agricultural water pollution.

vi. Global warming.

This is where heat is trapped in the ozone layer of the earth due to burnt fossil fuels which occurs due to human activities or industrial activities. These activities include deforestation, industries releasing smoke into the air, agricultural activities etc.
The gases trapped in the atmosphere mix with the rain to form acidic rain which is harmful to human beings, plants and animals.

vii. Radioactive waste

This is the waste produced by radioactive materials. This waste contains radioactive particles that are either low, intermediate and high level concertation’s. For instance Uranium is a radioactive material that during its mining it emits a lot of carbon dioxide into the air. This carbon dioxide is harmful to flora and fauna¬† .Water that mixes with radio particles cannot be consumed.

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